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30 Days of Healthy Chicken Dinner Recipes | http://www.roseclearfield.com

Easy, healthy chicken dinner recipes make meal planning simple and straightforward. I love trying new recipes, but I also know how easy it is to get into a recipe rut. You start a new week and don’t know what to make, or you’re heading to the grocery store without having figured out what you’ll be cooking the next couple of nights. Having a handful of go-to recipe resources makes meal planning easier week in and week out.

At most, I cook 3-4 nights a week. Unless we’re having people over (which doesn’t happen more than once or twice a month), it’s just me and Jake. The other nights of the week, we’re eating leftovers, grilling out, or eating out. As such, 30 days of healthy chicken dinner recipes is enough to last me at least a few months without repeating any recipes. I know that it is for many of you as well, especially when you add a few non-chicken dinners to the mix. Happy healthy eating!

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Millennial Pink Inspiration

Millennial pink! Do you love it or hate it? Are you like me, which means you only just heard about millennial pink recently? As always, I’m ridiculously behind on trends. Apparently, millennial pink really came out in full force in 2012 and has been going strong ever since. Also known as Tumblr pink or Scandi pink, millennial pink is not-pink pink. Some describe it as a toned-down version of Barbie pink. A more grown-up version maybe? Millennial pink ranges from barely pink-tinted beige to peachy salmon. I’ve never been huge on pink, but I would take a lovely peachy pink or salmon shade over Barbie pink any day. It really is all over the place these days, showing up in everything from fashion to home decor and even food. For more details, New York Magazine has a couple of great articles about millennial pink: Is There Some Reason Millennial Women Love This Color? | Why Millennial Pink Refuses to Go Away. I’ve rounded up just a few of my favorite millennial pink picks on Pinterest today.

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Tulips at the Boerner Botanical Gardens

Tulips at the Boerner Botanical Gardens May 2017 | http://www.roseclearfield.com

Last Tuesday was a free day at the Boerner Botanical Gardens. The tulips are out in full force now and couldn’t be more stunning. While there isn’t too much else blooming at the gardens right now, you’d never know it from these pictures because the tulips are so abundant and so colorful. The free day happened to be chilly, overcast, and rainy, which meant there weren’t many people there and the lighting was perfect for flower photography.

Tulips at the Boerner Botanical Gardens May 2017 | http://www.roseclearfield.com

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Fertility Treatment Options with Growing Generations | http://www.roseclearfield.com #GrowingGenerations #health #ad

[Disclaimer: I partnered with Growing Generations to write this post. As always, all options are 100% my own. Thanks for your support!]

Long-time readers know that fertility treatment education and infertility support are very important to me. My husband Jake and I started trying to grow our family in late 2010. Our fertility journey has included testing for both of us, surgery for Jake to correct bilateral varicocele, ten rounds of Clomid for me, and three IUIs with Letrozole, the last of which was in late 2015. After failing the final IUI, we decided to start pursuing adoption. I share my latest update about adoption and links to my other adoption posts here.

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Last Minute DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas | http://www.roseclearfield.com

Are you still figuring out what to get Mom for Mother’s Day? It may be too late for online shopping options (with the exception of Amazon Prime, of course). But with a couple of simple, DIY Mother’s Day gift tutorials, you’ll be able to put together a meaningful, personalized present for your mom in minutes. I’m sharing just a few of my favorite handmade gift options for Mom.

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