Client work

I’ve been freelance writing full time June 2011. I primary work on two types of assignments for clients.

  • Ghost writing blog posts for company blogs
  • Rewriting content for a website undergoing an overhaul or writing content for a brand new website

During the past five years, the vast majority of my work has been through Zerys. I’ve written more than 4,000 titles for around 50 clients, most of whom have been or are currently regular clients who assign me ongoing work on a monthly or weekly basis. Currently I have a 4.88 star rating on Zerys. I also write for Textbroker and Writer Access and have been involved in multiple major projects for Helium and Propecta, including writing articles for Life123 (now and product descriptions for several major department stores, particularly during the holiday season. I also write for several private clients.

Constant Content

I write under my own name on Constant Content. Writers have the flexibility to write on topics of interest to them, and set their own prices. Then clients buy the articles they need. Clients may buy usage or full rights licenses. They also have the option to request specific content from favorite authors. At any given time, I have at least a couple dozen articles for sale on Constant Content. My most recently published articles are listed below. Click on my name in the widget to see my full list of available articles.



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I have been writing for HubPages since mid-2011 and maintain  a portfolio under my own name with more than 340 titles with over 3.3 million views. As Google updates its algorithms on a regular basis, it’s critical for me to reevaluate my portfolio periodically and make updates to articles as needed to remain competitive on Google and other major search engines.

Areas of expertise

My main areas of expertise are education, DIY home and craft projects, and home ownership (i.e. seasonal maintenance, financing a new home). I have also researched and written extensively about realty, self storage, content marketing, search engine optimization, and general medical and dental tips. I am comfortable researching and writing on a wide range of topics and know how to turn around original, high quality content in a timely fashion.

I’m always open to working with new clients and would love to talk to you about your current project. Please contact me directly at any time. You can also learn more about my professional background and work experience at LinkedIn and are welcome to contact me there, too.