Last-Minute DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Shopping for guys is always harder than shopping for girls, right? I know that I’ve talked about this before, but shopping for the women in my family is easy, while I’m always coming up short on ideas for the men, even (especially?) the ones I see all the time (namely my husband and father-in-law). If you’ve waited until the last minute and don’t want to order something online or you like the idea of making a gift but don’t know what to make, a DIY Father’s Day gift is perfect. I’m sharing just a few of my favorite handmade gift options for Dad.

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - DIY Map Coasters via The Country Chic Cottage |


You can never have too many coasters. It’s always good to have a spare set in the living room, man cave, game room, or even dining room to protect your beautiful table. If Dad has plenty of coasters at home, he can bring a couple of them to work for his coffee mug or water tumbler. I love the classic photo coaster concept and have gifted them for holidays and weddings on multiple occasions. For Father’s Day, I also love map coasters from The Country Chic Cottage, natural branch coasters from Garden Therapy, and beer coasters from Hip 2 Save.

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - Nuts and Bolts Frame via Fun-A-Day |

Framed homemade art

Framing homemade kid’s art for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is a classic, but you really can’t go wrong with this gift. Framing a piece of art preserves it, ensuring you’ll keep in on your wall for years to come. A simple frame from Target or Michael’s is perfect. Of course, I love the idea of making a frame, too. Buggy and Buddy has an adorable puzzle piece frame while Better Homes and Gardens has a tutorial for a DIY shadow box, ideal for showcasing children’s art. Father’s Day frame ideas are great as well, such as Fun-A-Day’s nuts and bolt’s frame. You can customize this concept for virtually any hobby or interest.

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - Father's Day Photo Collage via Designer Trapped |

“Dad” or “I love Dad” photo piece

Another classic for Father’s Day, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make a cute “Dad” or “I love you, Dad” piece. If you are planning to have photos taken in the spring, though, it’s easy to arrange a few shots for this purpose. Designer Trapped shares her best tips for creating a “D-A-D” photo. Bambina Babe and Positively Splendid have some additional fantastic Father’s Day photo ideas.

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - Father's Day DIY Cookout Kit via Lark and Linen |

A tool-related gift

I know that not every dad is handy. Again, you can customize tool-themed gifts to fit numerous hobbies and interests from fishing to cooking to photography. I absolutely love Moss Wood Connections’ upcycled nuts and bolts canvas art. (I may have to make one for my father-in-law one of these years). The tool wall art from Craftulate is another fun kid-friendly art project. I also like the idea of giving Dad a “toolkit” of sorts with real tools or other supplies to fit his passions, such as this DIY cookout kit from Lark & Linen.

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - Father's Day Superhero Gift with Free Printables via Sandy Toes and Popsicles |

A superhero-themed gift

There are lots of Father’s Day gifts themed around the message: “Dad, you’re as: strong as Hulk, smart as Ironman, Fast as Superman, and Brave as Batman,” complete with fun superhero graphics. Sandy Toes and Popsicles shares a fantastic superhero printable with this message to add the finishing touch to any superhero gift, as well as a fun gift idea for it. Crafty Morning has another great printable for kids to complete with a handprint, and Pizzazzerie has printable “super dad” snack labels for holiday goodies.

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - Best Ever Steak Rub via Sprinkles and Sprouts |

Food gift

I love to gift food gifts for any occasion, and Father’s Day is no exception. I enjoy putting together themed food gifts, such as pasta dinner with whole wheat noodles, marinara, and pesto. I often include little food gifts for Christmas, such as favorite chocolates. You can’t go wrong with coffee and tea gifts as well. For Father’s Day, steak or barbecue rubs are very popular, too. Pick up recipes for steak rub from Sprinkles and Sprouts, Caribbean rub from Today’s Creative Life, and barbecue rub from Living on a Dime (which includes a number of other homemade rub/seasoning recipes).

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - Wall Mounted Bottle Opener via The LoveLee Home |

DIY bottle opener

A DIY bottle opener is a perfect addition to a basement bar, man cave, or even casual den or kitchen. Personally, I like the simple wood bottle openers the best. Some designers feature a built-in container for bottle caps, which is neat, too. Many people choose to add funny or cheesy sayings to their bottle openers, so if you like that sort of thing, there’s plenty of inspiration out there. Check out tutorials on Artsy Pretty Plants and Shanty 2 Chic.

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - DIY Hair Pomade via Momtastic |

DIY skincare or shaving product

While most people think of gifting homemade skincare products to women, they make a great gift for guys, too. Shaving cream (Everyday Roots) and shaving butter (Teach Beside Me) are always popular options. After shave cream (Her Own Wings), mustache wax (The Crunchy Chronicles), beard oil (Blooming in Bedlam), and hair pomade (Momtastic) make awesome gifts for guys, too. One of the best parts of DIY products is that you can switch up the scents with ease. If Dad doesn’t like mint, swap in lavender or eucalyptus.

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - Building Memories with Dad via The Seasoned Mom |

Building memories with Dad gift

I love the building memories with Dad gift because it’s a fun twist on a classic gift idea. A jar full of Legos, each with a different kid-Dad activity, will give you ample ideas to stay busy every weekend until the next Father’s Day rolls around. I’m always a fan of experience gifts, too, and this gift fits the bill for that as well. Check out the tutorial at The Seasoned Mom.

Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas - Father's Day Necktie Card via Prairie Paper and Ink |

Handmade card

A homemade card adds a sweet touch to any Father’s Day gift, handmade or otherwise. Making your own card is also perfect for presenting a gift that’s tough to wrap, such as a restaurant or theater gift card. A finger-painted Father’s Day card (Clare’s Little Tots) is perfect for getting little kids involved. The neck tie card is another standard for Father’s Day. Grab tutorials from Prairie Paper & Ink and Stylow. DIY Projects has a fantastic roundup of Father’s Day card tutorials ranging from classic to nerdy with something for everyone.

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Last Minute DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

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  1. I always had the hardest time finding the right Father’s Day card for my dad, but making or buying presents for him was easy. We’re going to see my FIL the day after Father’s Day this year, but I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t realize when the holiday is! This post reminded me that I need to remind him – thank you.

  2. These are great ideas! I’m thinking either the superheros or the grill kit for my dad. Can’t wait to try these!

  3. These are such great ideas! I’ve procrastinated and was panicking a little, so this was so helpful- I especially love the “tool kit” idea- so cute!

  4. Amy | Confessions of a Daydreamer

    Love these ideas! I’ve done the coasters before (with pictures) and made my dad cry! I know it’s a good gift if it makes him cry lol

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