Where the Coleuses Grow Fall Floral Show at the Domes

Where the Coleuses Grow Fall Domes Show 2018 |

For the fall show this year, the Mitchell Park Domes are featuring coleuses. The Show Dome is home to over 30 varieties of coleus in a range of colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. The vivid greens, yellows, reds, and pinks are the perfect camouflage for the forest animals hiding among the foliage. As you’ll see in my pictures, we spotted a handful of squirrels, rabbits, and other little creatures. The display is filled out with vines and grasses as well as a selection of gorgeous chrysanthemums.

Shakespeare To Bee or Not To Bee Summer Floral Show at the Domes

Shakespeare To Bee or Not To Bee Summer Floral Show at the Domes |

The Domes enjoyed the spring Shakespeare theme so much that they decided to create a Shakespeare theme for summer as well. The show has a similar layout but different quotes and corresponding floral displays for summer, including roses (Romeo and Juliet), lilies (Henry VIII), and marigolds (A Winter’s Tale and Cymbeline). Of course, in keeping with the title of the show, there’s a cute bee feature as well. As always, their floral displays are stunning. I love that they kept the gazebo up for the summer show.

Shakespeare in Love Spring Floral Show at the Domes

Shakespeare in Love Spring Floral Show at the Mitchell Park Domes |

It’s been a little while since my last Mitchell Park Domes feature because Tommy and I didn’t make it to the spring show until a couple weeks before it wrapped. We went on a cold, rainy day, hoping to escape the gross weather. It turns out that when it rains, it drips in the Domes, too. Luckily Tommy is a super chill little guy who doesn’t mind a bit of water. The Domes have had known structural issues for a number of years now, and it’s still yet to be determined exactly what will happen to them. I really hope that they can find a way to keep them running, as it would be a huge loss to the city of Milwaukee to see them go.

Structural issues aside, Shakespeare in Love is such a fun, whimsical theme for a spring floral show. The color palette is perfect for the season, and I love the addition of the gazebo in the dome for the show. A number of the floral displays fit with the Shakespeare quotes, such as daffodils and lavender from A Winter’s Tale, violets and thyme from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and pansies and rosemary from Hamlet. Among other flowers, the exhibit also featured tulips, hydrangeas, and Easter lilies.

Naughty or Nice Holiday Floral Show at the Domes

Mitchell Park Domes Naughty or Nice Holiday Floral Show |

I get so excited for favorite Christmas traditions, and the holiday show at the Domes is no exception. This year’s show, Naughty or Nice, offers a behind the scenes look of the elves at the North Pole, making toys and checking their lists. The focal point of the show is a 25-foot tall tree, encircled by a garland displaying Santa’s naughty or nice list. The exhibit also showcases rows and rows of gorgeous poinsettias in white, red, and pink.