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The Ultimate Photography Bundle 2018 Presets

Ultimate Photography Bundle 2018. Contains six preset packages with over 500 presets total. Preview just a small sample of this amazing deal! |

In yesterday’s post about the Ultimate Photography Bundle 2018, I promised that today I’d share just a few of my favorite presets from the bundle. The Ultimate Photography Bundle 2018 contains six different preset packages, totalling over 500 presets. The presets alone are well worth the price of the bundle. Yesterday I shared just one of my favorite edits with the new pre-sets. Today I’m sharing more edits and talking about exactly how I created these final images with the new presets.

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Ultimate Photography Bundle 2018

The Ultimate Photography Bundle 2018 |

I’m so excited to be sharing the Ultimate Photography Bundle 2018 with you today. I purchased my first Ultimate Bundle in 2016 and have been a huge fan of Ultimate Bundles ever since. My initial purchase was the first ever photography bundle. Among many other fantastic resources, it included Pinch of Yum’s Tasty Food Photography. I’d wanted to read Tasty Food Photography for a while and had never bitten the bullet. For the full retail price of Tasty Food Photography and one, maybe two, other resources, I got 36 resources, including ebooks, videos, and Photoshop actions.

There is no question that the first photography bundle was a fantastic value. In the last couple of years as Ultimate Bundles have gained massive popularity, the bundles have reached a whole new level. The Ultimate Photography Bundle 2018 features 26 ebooks, 21 ecourses, 1 membership site, and 10 tools. For $97, you get content valuing $5,030.63.

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