How to Increase Your Reach and Visibility on Pinterest

How to Increase Your Reach and Visibility on Pinterest |

Learning how to increase your reach and visibility on Pinterest is one of the most effective strategies for building your blog. If you have any type of visual-heavy lifestyle blog (i.e., DIY, food, fashion), Pinterest is critical for achieving success. Creating engaging evergreen content with killer images is a great start. Once you have even a small selection of posts to promote, you’re ready to start finetuning them for Pinterest and maximizing your efforts on Pinterest.

Over the past couple of years, I have grown my Pinterest reach to over a million monthly. I receive hundreds, if not thousands, of referrals to my blog from Pinterest daily. While there is always a bit of luck, this level of success is not a coincidence. I’m sharing my top strategies to increase your reach and visibility on Pinterest.

For the Love of Spring

Saturday Farmers Market in San Francisco |


Happy first day of spring! We’re all completely ready to move on from winter and start thinking about all things spring, right? You can find tons of spring-related crafts, recipes, and of course, photography inspiration throughout my Pinterest boards. But I like rounding up seasonal ideas on a single board, too. I just rolled out For the Love of Spring at the end of February, which means it’s still a bit small. Over the coming months, I’ll be adding lots more recipes, drinks, DIY projects, home decor, outfit inspiration, and stunning photos. Make sure you’re following along, so you don’t miss anything! I’m sharing just a few of my favorite picks today. Enjoy!

2017 Goals Summary #2A: Pinterest Followers

I set some really ambitious 2017 goals for myself. I posted regular monthly updates for my goals through May and then continued to work on the goals through the remaining seven months of 2017. I’m sharing my overall outcome with my 2017 goals before sharing my 2018 goals.

Goal #2A was to reach 2,000 Pinterest followers. I started 2017 with 1,185 Pinterest followers. I ended 2017 with 2,337 followers. I hit my 2,000 target in mid-September. I didn’t quite double my Pinterest followers, but I came really close (2,370 would have been an exact double). So we’re calling it a double for this post.

For the Love of Fall

New England in the Fall via Photoz Hub |


You all know that I love summer. But as we move into the official fall season this week, I’m trying to stay on board and embrace the new season. For the first time, I have a general seasonal board on Pinterest with all things fall, For the Love of Fall. Throughout the season, I’ll be posting recipes, crafts, outfits, stunning scenery, and other general inspiration. I’m sharing just a small selection from the board here today.  Hop over to the board and follow along, so you don’t miss out on any of the autumn fun this season. (I still have my Fall Photography board from last year going strong as well!)