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My 2017 Reading List + Tips for Reading More Books

2017 Reading List + Tips for Reading More Books |

I’m so excited to be sharing my 2017 reading list with you today. The past couple of years now, I’ve set reading goals on Goodreads and kept track of all of the books I’ve read through the site. After crushing my 2016 goal of 24 books, reading 42 books total, I was confident I could read even more books in 2017. I set my 2017 goal for 30 books because I wasn’t trying to top my 2016 total and didn’t want to cram in lots of short books just to meet my goal. Nonetheless, I ended up reading 77 books in 2017.

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My Final Reads for 2017!

What I Read: October/November/December 2017 |

Before I wrap up my 2017 reading goal, I want to share my final reads for the year. I’ve written a post for every other book and didn’t want these final reads to get lost in the shuffle. I’ll be back next week, sharing my entire list of 2017 reads with my favorite recommendations and a few tips for reading more books. For now, here’s what I read the last few months of 2017.

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July/August/September: What I Read

September 2017 Reads |

I’ve been having so much fun sharing my recent reads that I’m continuing the series. Not surprisingly, my reading has slowed down a little bit since we got Tommy. I’ve also worked my way through several long (10+ hour) audiobooks, which has lowered my total. But I’m still reading and am excited to share my reads from the past few months with you today.

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