Home Tour: Sunroom

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I’m continuing my home tour today with our sunroom! I finished my big project in this room – the painting – back in the summer. We spent a couple of months after that getting furniture and some final wall art, and then we didn’t get the fireplace working until right before Christmas. As always, we’re still making a couple of minor tweaks, but we’ve reached a finished state that I feel comfortable sharing here.

I don’t have a lot of before/after pictures of my work in this house. But I did get a few shots in the sunroom, so you can see the before color. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great. The room gets some pretty heavy shadowing through much of the day. A darker color just makes the room that much darker. We had a tough time settling on a color. I don’t gravitate naturally toward yellow and was really nervous about using so much yellow in one room. I wanted to make sure we settled on the right yellow. We actually experimented with light browns and green, too. Yellow was definitely the right choice.

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