Tips for Taking Toddlers to Church

Tips for Taking Toddlers to Church. Help the worship experience to go smoothly for everyone, creating meaningful, stress-free, faith-filled family time. #toddlersinchurch #churchtips #takingtoddlerstochurch #toddlerlife |

Taking toddlers to church is something of a controversial subject. In theory, churches and church congregations love children and want children at their masses/services. If you are part of a church where this is true and you see it carried through every week, you’re very lucky. Having these type of people in your congregation and leading your masses/services makes all the difference.

However, many congregations aren’t welcoming. At best, there’s a weary acceptance. At worst, congregations and even priests/pastors are hostile and rude. This type of reaction to typical family church behavior is way too common. And it makes people reluctant to bring their toddlers to church. So a lot of families don’t, which is really sad.

I have talked before about how to people without children, the behavior and expectations that both parents and young children exhibit during church looks completely ridiculous. Church is the only time during the week that most toddlers are expected to sit still and be quiet for one straight hour. Even for the most well-behaved toddlers, it’s tough. Parents are doing what they can to keep everyone happy, quiet, and engaged.

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