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Waiting to Adopt: Coping With Your Emotions

Coping with your emotions is critical for surviving the adoption wait. I cover tactics for facing jealousy, restlessness, guilt, resentment, grief, and anger. #adoption #adoptionwait #waitingtoadopt #theadoptionwait | https://www.roseclearfield.com

Coping with your emotions is my second post in my waiting to adopt series. A couple of months ago, I covered answering weird and offensive questions while you’re waiting to adopt. Later this year, I’m planning a post about handling the holidays during the wait. I also have a post about preparing a bedroom for an adopted child that’s a great resource for waiting families. Depending on the time frame of our own wait for baby #2, I may cover other topics as well. As always, if there’s anything you’d like to see here regarding the adoption waiting process or anything else adoption-related, please let me know!

While you’re waiting to adopt, people will use the term “excited” all the time. “Oh, you must be so excited.” “My family and I are so excited for you.” Waiting to adopt is exciting. Finishing your home study and officially entering the waiting pool is a huge, exciting step. But excited is only a tiny fraction of the waiting process. Most of the time you’re waiting, you’ll be facing a host of emotions, all of which are as far away from excited as you can get.

Learning about the emotions you may face while waiting to adopt doesn’t mean you won’t face them. When you do, it will be tough. Sometimes it will be really tough. Understanding the emotions will help you to prepare for these tough situations. It will also help you to adopt some strategies for coping with your emotions to help you survive the wait.

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Waiting to Adopt: Answering Weird and Offensive Questions

Waiting to Adopt Answering Weird and Offensive Questions | https://www.roseclearfield.com

Adoption brings out a lot of weird and offensive questions. Many people don’t know what to say and end up saying something rude or discriminatory. Other people simply have no filter and say the first things about adoption that pop into their heads. Either way, when you’re waiting to adopt, it gets exhausting answering a host of well-intentioned but ignorant or odd questions about adoption. I’ve outlined a number of the most common weird and offensive questions people ask during the adoption process. This advice is intended both to help couples prepare appropriate responses and to help their loved ones ask more well-informed questions.

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