April/May Clearfield Family Update

Here’s a little peek at what we were up to the past couple of months.

In the Back Yard April 2024

I’ve put off writing this update because we’ve had some very low lows lately. I’ve also been very hit-or-miss with taking pictures. There are multiple outings to play spaces, the children’s museum, and more, as well as lots of time with my parents and a few visits with friends that I didn’t document at all.

Genevieve had eye surgery in early April to correct the lazy eye that she’s had since she was born. It took 15 months from when I first initiated a peds eye consult to when she had her surgery. The surgery went smoothly. Genevieve had a good recovery and has had so many gains with her gross motor skills since then. After months of delayed development, it’s been awesome to watch her make so much progress.

A couple of weeks after Genevieve had her surgery, Jake and Olivia got their second round of awful stomach bug of the spring. Olivia always gets wiped out by this sort of illness for a full week of longer. Jake has never been as physically sick as he was this spring.

Somehow, we got through it all without an urgent care or ER visit and still managed to fit in quite a few fun things during April and May.

Spring Domes Show Kids

Tommy’s spring break was the first week of March. The only excursion that I took DSLR pictures of is the Domes. During his break, we also went to a trampoline park and a play space.

Annabelle's 3rd Birthday Party

We attended a birthday party for Tommy’s birthday buddy’s younger sister.

Annie in the Back Yard

We had tons of nice weather throughout the spring, which was a huge blessing. I took the kids outside in the yard after we picked up Tommy from school for as many days as possible.

Racine Zoo

We made multiple trips to both of our local zoos this spring.


Getting pictures of all four kids makes my heart so full.

Genevieve Domes

I fit in one more trip to the spring show at the Domes with friends.

In the Back Yard with the Harrises

We hosted friends in our backyard for a couple of hours. At this point, we were just coming off of Genevieve’s surgery, and we had canceled a couple of other plans for the weekend due to Jake still being wiped out from the stomach bug. Having our friends over instead was just what we needed.

Jake and Annie

This spring was our 13th spring in Wisconsin. It was the first year that we weren’t on our own or planning or hosting an event for family on Mother’s Day. My in-laws were watching my nieces for the weekend. They scouted a great picnic spot and brought food for everyone and activities for the kids.

Margie's Garden

I fit in a couple of trips to Margie’s Garden with the girls. The second excursion was with friends, and I got a few pictures.

Tommy's Kindergarten End of the Year Party

Tommy had an awesome room mom this year. Among many other things, she singlehandedly ensured that the kids got an end-of-the-year party and personalized end-of-the-year gifts.


I still can’t believe that I’m sharing this final news. We ended May by saying goodbye to our cat, Hobbes. He had cancer and went downhill very quickly. While he wasn’t suffering for long, it was a fast goodbye. Hobbes was a very social little guy and was a part of so many of our daily routines. We feel his absence deeply. It’s been so tough finding a new normal at home without Hobbes.

I had Annie two days before Tommy started kindergarten. He got to meet Annie when he came home from school on his first day. Tommy came with me and Jake to say goodbye to Hobbes on the night of his last day of school. I just feel awful that the school year was such a rollercoaster.

Hobbes was a crazy kitty with a lot of energy and a lot of love to give. He wouldn’t have wanted us to sit around moping all summer. So we’re doing our best to pick up the pieces and enjoy this wonderful season to the fullest.

In the Back Yard April 2024

You can find all of my baby/toddler updates for all of the kids as well as general family updates and other family-related posts in the family section of the blog.

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