Waiting to Adopt

I share resources for couples and families waiting to adopt a first child or subsequent child.

While I only have first hand experience with domestic infant adoption, these resources are applicable to international adoption as well. If you are currently in the waiting pool for an adoption, I wish you the best of luck and lots of prayers through this process. Even under the best of circumstances, waiting to adopt is a challenging emotional roller coaster.

Waiting to Adopt series

My waiting to adopt series of posts, which I started when we entered the waiting pool for baby #2.

Additional resources for couples and families waiting to adopt

After waiting months or years for THE CALL, the actual adoption process often happens very quickly. Having a bedroom ready for your new child proves extremely valuable. The task of preparing a bedroom also gives you something to do during the wait, which can be very helpful.

There are a ton of resources about what to include in an adoption profile. Arguably, it’s equally important to exclude certain information as well.

I also have a resource about how to make your adoption profile stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, I have a resource that covers what birth moms look for in adoption profiles.

Visit the main Adoption section of the blog for my full range of adoption resources, which includes more about our adoption story, an extensive selection of content on open adoption, and a comprehensive, original collection of free adoption quote printables.