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My husband and I are infertile and growing our family through adoption. Our son Tommy was born in July 2017. We’re currently in the waiting pool for baby #2. Your prayers and support through the continued wait are much appreciated.

I’ve chosen to share parts of our adoption story and create adoption resources for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t believe that we’d be here today with an adopted child without a ton of prayer. So I want to share a bit of the “happily ever after” story with everyone who has been praying for years.

Second, going through the process of adoption and now raising an adopted child has made me realize how much stigma there is about adoption in our society. Many people are well-intentioned but have outdated or simply false notions about numerous aspects of adoption. As an adoptive parent, I want to do my part to educate people properly.

I have a variety of resources for families just starting the adoption process, families with adopted children, and individuals who have loved ones with adopted children. I hope you find content here that’s helpful for you! If there’s anything you’d like to see, please let me know.

Waiting to Adopt

General Adoption Resources

I have a large collection of FREE printables, featuring a variety of favorite adoption quotes. Beautiful decor to display in your home or to gift to family or friends with adopted children!

Open Adoption

My husband and I started the process of domestic infant adoption with open adoption in mind but not clear what that would look like. We never imagined that an open adoption would consist of much more than monthly letters and pictures and occasional visits. In reality, we are in close touch with our son’s birth mom and her family and see them every month.

Having this open relationship has a huge blessing in Tommy’s adoption. If you’re pursuing domestic infant adoption, I highly encourage you to consider open adoption. I know that it’s a scary notion but ultimately, is one of the biggest gifts you’ll ever be able to give your adopted child.

Our Story

To see updates from the first two years of Tommy’s life and subsequent family updates, head to the Family section of the blog.