Five Months of Olivia


This past week our Olivia turned five months old!

Tommy and Olivia

At her four-month appointment, she weighed 14 pounds 4 ounces (40th percentile), measured 24.5 inches in length (34th percentile), and had a head circumference of 16.7 inches (87th) percentile). She’ll go back at six months.

Olivia is talking all the time now. I’m sure that this sounds like crazy mom brain, but sometimes it really sounds like she’s trying to say “hi” or “mama.” Jake has heard what sounds like “mama” when she’s waiting for food in the middle of the night and agrees. Tommy is always like, “But what is she saying?” when Olivia is doing her nonsense baby talk. We all can’t wait to find out what’s going through her head.

About a week ago, Olivia started rolling from back to tummy all on her own. She’s been doing partial rolls all month. After a while with tummy time, she gets frustrated and needs help flipping over to her back again.

Olivia and Grandma

Olivia absolutely loves the toys that come with the bouncy chairs and the infant-to-toddler rocker and will play with them for minutes on end. She also loves the activity gym and is starting to come around to the kick ‘n play piano. This past month I picked up a new activity gym (I’ve linked a similar one) through a Facebook group. I’m not sure who loves it more, Olivia or Tommy. Olivia also loves rattles and will play with one in her bouncy chair for minutes on end.

The weather has beautiful this past month. A lot of years we don’t have weather this nice in June, much less May. We’ve been out doing something almost every day. Olivia loves the car and going on adventures with Tommy. It’s really fun to see how much she gets out of his activities already. She also still gets worn out much more easily than he does and usually crashes in her stroller before we’re finished.

Olivia on the Beach

Sometime this month we started pushing Olivia to increase to eating five ounces at a time in the hopes that it would help her go longer between feedings, especially at night. At first, she was resistant, but now there’s no going back. For a week or so after her four-month vaccines, her appetite was down a little. She often had half an ounce or an ounce leftover. It’s also so much easier for her to get distracted while she’s eating now. If Tommy is doing something interesting nearby or she thinks she’s missing out on something, there’s no getting her to finish. Olivia continues to have a lot of interest in holding her own bottle and doesn’t need much help with most daytime feedings.

This past month I started transitioning Olivia to sleeping in her crib for naps and at a night. It has always been a struggle to get Tommy to leave her alone for long uninterrupted naps. It just gets harder as Olivia is more alert. He does still try to sneak into her room sometimes or manages to be so loud, even on a different floor of the house, that he still wakes her up. But having her in her crib definitely helps. She’s pretty consistently going down for a late morning nap and then a late afternoon nap. Olivia remains a champion car sleeper. She’ll often get at least one of her naps in the car, depending on what we’re doing that day.

Family at the Beach

It’s still been a process at night. I mentioned last month that Olivia had regressed with sleep and had gone back to waking up twice a night. Being in her crib in her own room is helping. Without me right there, she will self-soothe and go back to sleep more often. There have still been a handful of nights that she’s woken up around midnight or one a.m. and then again around four or five a.m. Olivia doesn’t eat a ton at night most of the time. She just needs someone there. She is still going down at night and then going back down after snuggles/feeding so much better than she did the first couple of months.

Olivia is in size two diapers and mostly three-month and 3-6 month clothes. She’s still going strong with wearing a swaddle at night (and often for naps). Olivia is already in the medium size of the original Love to Dream Swaddle UP. The weather has been all over the place lately. I already dug out a handful of six-month warm weather clothes and ordered shorts for her. She’s not especially long for her age but is quickly getting long for a lot of three-month onesies and pajamas.


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