Five Months of Tommy

Tommy - 5 Months |

This week our little Tommy turned five months old. We’ll get an updated weight and height at his six-month appointment.

Tommy is moving so much. He kicks his legs at every opportunity possible and loves using his foot to bounce himself in his bouncy seats. When he’s on the floor either in his activity gym or on a quilt/blanket, he often scoots himself right off the blanket or mat. He’s rolled over a couple of times on his own. He’s been rocking tummy time, staying on his tummy for 30 seconds to a minute at a time with no complaints. The past couple of weeks, he’s really started to enjoy it, giving us big smiles as he’s looking around.

Tommy - 5 Months |

Everyone who has seen Tommy this month has commented on how alert he is and how much he focuses in on both the people and objects around him. He doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to anything we’re doing around the house or out with other people. Over the past few weeks, Tommy has started grabbing toys, both when they’re held in front of them and when they’re near him on the ground. When he’s in his activity gym or we place the bar in his bouncy chair, he wastes no time going right for the toys.

Tommy has also really been into textures the last month or so, grabbing clothing, blankets, pillows, and other objects as often as possible. This past month new sensory stimulation has included the Christmas tree (not surprisingly, he loves looking at the lights) and his new Baby Einstein jumper (I share a video at the end of the post).

Tommy - 5 Months |

Tommy talks and laughs all the time. He talks when other people are talking and talks on his own as well, already making up his own little stories. Tommy finds lots of things funny. Sometimes they are things we find funny, too, and sometimes they are seemingly random. It’s hilarious either way.

We’ve been experimenting a little bit with feeding Tommy runny rice cereal with a spoon (you can mix it to any consistency you like with formula) and letting him taste little bits of the food we’re eating. We’ve also been having him sit with us at the table in his high chair occasionally, namely when we’re eating with other family members. It’s still a lot for him to sit up, even with the support of the high chair, and new foods are fairly overwhelming. So we’re taking it slow and will continue to try both activities over the next couple of months.

Tommy - 5 Months |

Tommy is eating 6-7 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours during the day, which means that we’re down to 4-5 feedings. Since the few 5 a.m. feedings following daylight savings time, he’s only been up to eat before 7:00 once or twice. It’s been great to have a more predictable feeding schedule and be able to time our own meals around his for fewer interruptions and go out to run errands, visit a museum, etc. without feeding him on the go all the time.

Tommy remains a champion sleeper. Most nights he sleeps 10:30/11:00 p.m. to 7:30/8:00 a.m., which is roughly our sleep schedule. Jake and I are both night owls and don’t push him to go to sleep earlier. When we don’t have to go anywhere in the morning, Tommy often goes back to sleep for a couple of hours after his first feeding. Tommy did so great with his crib transition last month and sleeps there every night now with no issues. Most days Tommy takes at least two naps during the day. Nap times aren’t very consistent right now.

Tommy - 5 Months |

Not on purpose, a few weeks ago, I gave Tommy a bath earlier in the day. It went so much better than after dinner baths. So we’ve been doing baths earlier, usually either in the morning when we don’t have to go somewhere right away or just before dinner. He handles all of the transitions great with very minimal, if any, fussing. Even without being able to sit up in the bath, Tommy loves splashing and most recently, grabs the pouring cup whenever possible.

Tommy is gradually making the transition from three month to six month clothing. A lot of three month clothing still fits great, some six month clothing fits well, and I’m putting him in every 3-6 month article of clothing we own. He’s still in size 2 diapers, and I imagine that he will be for at least another month. (I know, I said the same thing last month.)

Tommy - 5 Months |

It is still 100% surreal to me that we’re celebrating Christmas this year with a little one. We are beyond grateful to have Tommy in our lives.

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  1. I really wish we could sleep that late! Our girl is currently going to bed around 11 (an improvement from the 1-1:30 of her first two weeks) but we have to get up by 5:30 at the latest. Construction nearby every week day since she was born make getting back to sleep pretty impossible for me. We’re really looking forward to when she’s a bit older and we can work on moving that bedtime earlier!
    Tommy looks so bright eyed! And how fun that he’s reaching for objects. I hope you continue to enjoy your holiday season with your son!

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