Friday Favorites 8/5/16

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park


This story. I can’t even think about it too much without getting teary eyed. I am following his Instagram account now, though, and it’s amazing.  Recently I read that Vanilla Ice STILL gets daily tweets with snaps of the A1A because of the reference in Ice Ice Baby. Proof from this account just last month that this is a real thing. Mind blowing.

Alisa Burke has been creating free coloring pages for over a year now. This summer she’s been releasing a new one every week. If you are into the adult coloring trend, check them out. For those who have anxiety about messing up favorite pages from coloring books, you don’t have to stress about Alisa’s pages because you can save and then print them as many times as you like. Also, on the subject of coloring books, did you hear about the new Lisa Frank coloring books?! Too awesome for words.

Some of the most amazing drone footage I’ve ever seen. The music is…a little distracting. If you’re tempted to quit watching the video because of the music, mute it. Make sure to watch all the way to the end because the final footage of star trails is unreal.

These infertility announcements are priceless. I think that cheezy social media announcements are really stupid anyway, but obviously I’ve been really over cheezy pregnancy announcements for a long time…and so have a lot of other people. The “we spent all the dough…still no bun in the oven” is my favorite. On the same subject, this announcement cracks me up, too.

Jake came across Displate recently, and it’s so great. I especially love their minimal movie posters. Eventually we’re going to expand the seating, upgrade the sound system, and add a bar area in our finished basement space. I’ve moved all the art from the finished basement space in our old house to other areas of our new house, leaving the basement a blank slate. We’ve talked about decorating it with movie posters. I haven’t seen anything I’ve liked nearly as much as the minimal movie collection. I haven’t nearly browsed all of them yet, but a few initial favorite include Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Italian Job, Casino Royale, and Back to the Future (there are actually multiple minimal Back to the Future designs, and they’re all great). Also, I LOVE the design for Casablanca. I don’t want the theme to be classic movies because I’m not a movie buff so it would feel pretentious, but the Casablanca design is so fabulous.

Many of you know that one of my favorite places in Milwaukee is the VA grounds. I recently learned the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance has a Soldiers Home walking tour app for the grounds. How neat is that? Save the Soldiers Home also has lots of cool photos and historical information.

Getting a new Crate and Barrel catalog in the mail is always a little highlight in the day. I’m flipping out about this colorful kitchen spread in the latest fall preview catalog. I want all of their colorful kitchen items.

We have tickets to see Lindsey Stirling in Milwaukee this fall! I’ve already talked about my love for Lindsey Stirling on this blog and am so excited to see her live. When I was browsing the tour schedule for her new album, I ended up browsing her merch as well. She has a lot of awesome t-shirt designs. I’m still on the fence about whether or not I’ll get one before her concert, but if I do, it will be this one or this one.

What have you been loving lately?
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3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 8/5/16”

  1. I used to LOVE Lisa Frank stickers! I had 1,000s of them back in the day!
    The infertility announcements are cute. It’s great they can have a sense of humor and I’m glad their story had a happy ending 🙂

  2. I saw the story about the doggy farewell trip! It gets me teary, too. I’ve watched a lot of drone videos, and I find the music is frequently distracting. I also just hit mute and keep watching! And I love the infertility announcements. People keep going so incredibly overboard with everything from an elaborate announcement to expensive “gender reveal” parties and it’s great to see people bringing awareness to infertility with a bit of humor!

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