12 months of Genevieve

This past week our Genevieve turned 12 months old!


The last week or two before Genevieve turned one, she finally started sitting up independently. Now she sits up independently all the time. Genevieve still loves to spend time on her belly and alternates between sitting and lying on her belly. Genevieve will get up on all fours and rock back and forth but is still army crawling everywhere.

It was a big month of transitions for Genevieve. The end of last month, we had just started doing a little bit of high chair time with her. Now Genevieve does at least one longer stretch in the high chair almost every day. We’ve started her transition to regular food slowly with baby puffs, graham crackers, and fruit purees. Genevieve still isn’t sure about purees but loves puffs and graham crackers. She’ll sit and eat with us the entire time we’re having dinner.


About a week before Genevieve’s birthday, we moved all of the kids up to new car seats, which meant that Genevieve moved from the baby carrier to the converter seat. She’s also in the middle of the back seat now to split up Tommy and Olivia. While Genevieve’s still not sure about the new car seat and being in the middle, she loves not being in the baby car seat when we’re out and about now.

Finally, I transitioned Genevieve out of the baby bath seat and into the toddler bath seat, which let’s her sit up during the bath. She wasn’t sure about it for exactly one bath. Genevieve has done great with the toddler bath seat ever since then.


This past month was Genevieve’s best month of sleep at night yet. She slept through every single night. Genevieve only had a few nights that she really wanted to wake up before 7:00. Naps have remained a little more challenging as Genevieve would naturally take one shorter morning nap and one longer late afternoon nap. It can be tough getting her to settle at the same time as Olivia, especially when she has already napped for a bit in the morning. Once Genevieve does settle, usually, she’ll nap for least an hour and an half.


Genevieve’s first birthday was the week of Thanksgiving, and we were able to celebrate with all four grandparents. Genevieve had pumpkin pie for her birthday dessert and loved it.

You can find all of my baby/toddler updates for all three kids as well as general family updates and other family-related posts in the family section of the blog.

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