Eight Months of Genevieve

This past week our Genevieve turned eight months old!


As you’re reading Genevieve’s update, keep in mind that she was born six weeks early and think about her milestones accordingly.

Just in the last few days before Genevieve hit her eight-month milestone, she started rolling over independently from her back to her stomach. She’s rolled over a handful of times now and still needs help rolling back to her stomach. While otherwise not mobile yet, Genevieve can maneuver herself around on her back pretty effectively. When you put her down in her activity gym or kick ‘n play, she can move herself right out of it in just a minute or so.


Over the past couple of months, Genevieve has become so smiley and social. We saw a lot of people this past month at birthday parties and other family functions and whatnot. Genevieve gave just about everyone that she saw a big smile. She’s done so well being passed around to other people, even when I’m not always right there, such as when I was setting up for Tommy’s birthday party.

Genevieve also remains a major screamer. Sometimes she does scream when she’s mad or when she wants attention. But mostly screaming is just one of Genevieve’s preferred forms of vocalization. While better than crying, it is often absolutely ear-splitting, especially when we’re inside.

Genevieve and Otis

We had a lot of time with family and friends this past month, including Tommy’s birthday party.

The girls and I made a couple of excursions to the Domes this past month for their summer show. We went once on our own and once with Tommy.


For the most part, Genevieve is the most content camper. In true third kid form, she’s just along for the ride and happy to be hanging out during Tommy and Olivia’s activities, in the car, at the zoo, etc. I look forward to the day that she’s able to participate more and have her own activities. For now, I’m glad that she’s able to be out and about with us and that she enjoys taking it all in so much.


Genevieve has either three or four bottles per day, either six or seven ounces at a time. I time the first three bottles with our meal schedule. It just depends on any given day whether or not she wants a final fourth bottle before she goes to sleep. Genevieve is often too tired for a fourth bottle, and it’s a struggle to get her to stay awake for it. Even when she does get in a fourth bottle, it doesn’t help her sleep past seven a.m. So I don’t force it if she’s not feeling it. Genevieve has continued to do really well with switching dry formula brands. It seems like I stocked up on enough right after the shortage hit to keep us going through the next four months.


Genevieve is solidly in six-month onesies and pajamas. I still have her in a handful of three-month pants. All of the shorts that I bought for Olivia last summer are six-month. They fit Genevieve well, too, which is great. She’s wearing size 3 regular and overnight diapers.


With the exception of a few nights, Genevieve has slept through the night the whole past month. She almost always wants to wake up early. It’s a struggle to get her to make it to seven a.m. a lot of mornings. But she wakes up in a pretty good mood (again, mostly screaming good-naturedly) and just wants a bottle right away. Genevieve still takes a short nap in the morning about half of the time. Then I always put her down for a longer nap when Olivia goes down after lunch. Genevieve has done so well taking her longer nap at the same time as Olivia. This has been a huge lifesaver for me. Generally, the girls nap for at least two hours during this afternoon stretch.


You can find all of my baby/toddler updates for all three kids as well as general family updates and other family-related posts in the family section of the blog.

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