February Clearfield Family Update

Sled in the Yard

I’m sharing a few of our family highlights from the past month!

Sled in the Yard

We got a perfect snowfall for sledding this month. We just took Tommy out on his little sled right in the backyard. He absolutely loved it.

Jake and I saw The Lion King. We saw it during a previous season in Milwaukee (2013?), and it was so much fun to see it again. The Lion King is one of those shows that lives up to the hype. The animal puppets/costumes are amazing, and the lighting is so magical. The way that the light fades in and one from one day to the next is so realistic. And the way they bring the lights down and put the characters in silhouette blows me away every time.


We had a belated Valentine’s Day family dinner out the week after the holiday and did the hibachi experience. We had taken Tommy to hibachi during our last trip to Montana, but he got so much more out of it now. He loved watching our chef cook and tried several of the foods.

We had several visits with the grandparents this month. My parents came up for a day. In addition to babysitting for The Lion King, we saw Jake’s parents at least one other time. Jake’s uncle Steve was visiting from Iowa, and we fit in lunch and a brief tour of our house while he was here. Tommy and I also made it to down to Chicago for a day while my brother and his wife were in town from Paris. I have absolutely zero pictures of any of the family events from February.

Ares in the Pantry

Multiple people have asked how Ares has been doing after his illness last month, which is so sweet. It seems like it was just a viral thing. All of his tests came back negative, and he did completely fine once he finished his round of anti-nausea meds. The vet was worried because he’s lost weight this year. All of the cats have been getting less food, so Apollo will lose weight, and it’s helping everyone lose weight. It seems like that’s all it is at this point.

One of Tommy’s current favorite words and games is lance, as in a knight’s lance, which he pronounces like “ant.” He’s been into knights for months now, but his interest in knight fighting definitely increased after going to Medieval Times last month. Tommy uses anything as a lance (i.e., a cardboard mailing tube) and charges all around the house with his lances.


I know that I sound like a broken record, but Tommy has absolutely killed it in swimming the past month. I can’t get over how far he’s come this entire past year, especially the past six months that he’s been swimming without me. Tommy really had a breakthrough a couple of weeks ago with understanding why he wears goggles and being more confident going underwater. The past few weeks, he’s been starting to take strokes completely independently, float on his back successfully, and dive for rings and other objects under the water. He’s also been jumping in from the side from a standing position and then swimming a few strokes to his teacher.

Tommy and I ended the month sick…again. I have never been sick as much as I have this winter or had colds/flus drag on for so long. It’s been a particularly bad year in general. I’m sure it doesn’t help that we’ve been out and about in toddler/preschool classes every week. I had a couple of days with flu symptoms – chills and significant achiness. Then my stomach was off after a couple of days of taking Ibuprofen to combat the achiness. Since then, it’s been cold symptoms that again, have just dragged on longer than usual. For Tommy, it’s mostly been a cough. Hopefully, we’ll both have a better health streak moving into March.

Tommy and Alex

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  1. Kathleen G Roeth

    Glad things are going well for you! Praying that you all avoid getting sick again. Cute snow pictures!

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