Five Months of Annie

This past week our Annie turned five months old.


I won’t have updated stats for a little while, as Annie’s six-month checkup got pushed back to almost seven months.

Annie’s big milestone for this post is that right between four and five months, she started rolling from back to belly. She wanted to so badly. It took Annie a couple of weeks to figure out how to get her arm out of the way.

Now that Annie can roll from back to belly, you can’t stop her. You can’t leave her alone on the bed anymore in case she rolls. Annie rolls constantly when she’s on the floor. Annie can also roll over in her bassinet now, which is a first for us at five months. Tommy hated every minute of tummy time. Olivia and Genevieve slept in sleep sacks with arms until they were six months old. Annie flips in her bassinet and then panics and needs help to get on her back again.


Annie continues to love the activity gym and kick ‘n play. She’s just spending more and more time hanging out in them on her belly. It’s always a balancing act because if she spends a lot of time on her belly right after eating, she spits up. We’re constantly making sure we’ve waited long enough after feeding her to put her down on the floor.

Annie holds onto toys every single day now. She especially likes rattles. Annie will hold a few other toys on occasion, including baby paper and texture books. Annie grabbed a tissue box lid from me recently while I was carrying her downstairs and loved it ha. I’ve given it to her to hold periodically ever since.


Now that Annie can roll from back to belly, she’s working on the motions to start crawling. Annie moves her arms and legs constantly while she’s on her belly.

Unfortunately, about a week before Annie turned five months old, she got sick. Tommy and Jake had been sick, and she got it, too. Annie had a solid week of coughing, low energy level, and decreased appetite. She has one of the saddest sick cries that I’ve ever heard, which broke all of our hearts.


Annie continued to nap well throughout being sick. She woke up coughing a lot at night. Some nights I was just about to keep resettling her. Other nights I would still get up and feed her once.

Being sick threw off Annie’s eating schedule and frequency. I had to go back to giving her two or three ounces at a time. Annie wasn’t that hungry, and she was having trouble keeping down more than two or three ounces because of all of the coughing. She was able to keep eating, even when it wasn’t a whole lot. At five months, we’re still working back to her regular eating schedule with four or five ounce bottles.


Annie remains a champion napper. She has a great schedule of taking two naps per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Annie tends to take one shorter nap, around an hour, and one longer nap, usually at least two hours. It just depends from day to day which nap is longer.

Even without being sick, Annie still wakes up once during the night to eat. She has a great first stretch from somewhere between eight and ten p.m. through three or four a.m. Some nights Annie resettles quickly after eating. Other nights it takes her an hour to resettle. Depending on when she eats, how long it takes her to resettle, and if I’m getting up early the next day to take kids to school, I don’t always get a lot more sleep after the night feeding.


During the past month, we celebrated Annie’s first Christmas. It was so much fun to watch her watch our excitement. She also let me dress her up as an elf, which completed my holiday.

Jake and Annie

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