DIY Easter Mason Jar Decor

Peeps mason jars for Easter are a colorful, whimsical home decor idea, via Mason Jar Crafts Love | https://www.roseclearfield.com

Peeps Mason Jars for Easter – Mason Jar Crafts Love

Mason jars are one of my absolute favorite crafting materials for seasonal and holiday home decor. Mason jars are inexpensive and readily available at any big box or craft store. They’re so versatile, creating the perfect medium for numerous DIY projects. Making DIY Easter mason jar decor is a quick, fun weekend or even afternoon project. With a few coats of spray or acrylic paint and some twine and faux flowers, you’re ready for the upcoming holiday. I’ve gathered just a few of my favorite DIY Easter mason jar decor ideas for your home decorating needs this Easter. Happy crafting!

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Baby’s First Easter Basket

Baby's First Easter Basket | https://www.roseclearfield.com

I feel like I’m jumping the gun a little bit posting about baby’s first Easter basket before St. Patrick’s Day. But Easter is early this year. I don’t want to stack all of my Easter posts up next week, so I’m starting today. And then I’ll have a little St. Patrick’s Day post up tomorrow. Don’t mind the craziness of my blogging schedule. Instead, get excited to see what I picked for my baby’s first Easter basket.

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DIY Twine Wrapped Plastic Easter Eggs with Lace and Ribbon

DIY Twine Wrapped Plastic Easter Eggs with Lace and Ribbon | https://www.roseclearfield.com

As promised, I’m sharing a second plastic Easter egg tutorial! In addition to creating pastel painted speckled eggs, I also created twine wrapped plastic Easter eggs. I wasn’t planning to put up any more Easter decorations this year, and I ended up making two different sets of plastic eggs. The new decorations make me so happy. I hope you get inspired to decorate some plastic Easter eggs as well.

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