100 Healthy Snacks

100 healthy snacks gives you a wealth of nutritious snack ideas to keep you eating well at any time of the day!

100 Healthy Snacks

Eating healthy snacks sounds simple enough, but it’s easy to resort to less healthy options or get stuck in a rut. I love simple snacks like carrot sticks with hummus or whole wheat crackers and cheese. However, eating the same snacks day in and day out gets tiresome, again, making it tempting to snack on junk food. Finding even a few new appealing healthy snacks goes a long way toward mixing up your routine and helping you stick to nutritious, fulfilling snacking options. I’ve rounded up a staggering 100 healthy snacks to satisfy your snacking throughout the year. There is something for everyone here with lots of kid-friendly foods.


  1. apple chips
  2. white bean hummus
  3. coconut watermelon slushies
  4. 5-ingredient no-bake granola bars
  5. homemade fruit snacks
  6. frozen yogurt berry bites
  7. cucumber ham and cheese sandwiches
  8. blueberry lemon energy bites
  9. traditional ants on a log
  10. peanut butter Cheerio bars


  1. zucchini chips
  2. fruit salsa with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips
  3. roasted red pepper hummus
  4. tropical green smoothie
  5. fall harvest granola bars
  6. apple slices with Greek yogurt peanut butter dip
  7. variations of ants on a log
  8. broccoli cheese bites
  9. blueberry oatmeal breakfast bars
  10. Ranch pretzels


  1. Brussels sprouts chips
  2. Caprese salad skewers
  3. lemon rosemary hummus
  4. apple cinnamon granola bars
  5. homemade fruit roll-ups
  6. 4-ingredient no-bake peanut butter energy bites
  7. California sushi rolls
  8. coconut oil popcorn
  9. maple cinnamon roasted chickpeas
  10. healthy carrot zucchini mini muffins


  1. banana chips
  2. avocado hummus
  3. strawberry mango smoothie
  4. cranberry white chocolate granola bars
  5. cinnamon honey popcorn
  6. homemade applesauce
  7. frozen yogurt berry bites
  8. avocado toast with a fried egg
  9. homemade cheese crackers
  10. beef jerky


  1. pear chips
  2. beet hummus
  3. spinach and kale Greek yogurt dip
  4. rosemary chickpea flatbread
  5. kale pineapple smoothie
  6. oats ‘n honey granola bars
  7. homemade fruit gummy snacks
  8. carrot cake energy bites
  9. strawberry oatmeal breakfast bars
  10. cranberry orange mini muffins


  1. sweet potato chips
  2. slow-roasted tomato and basil hummus
  3. vegetarian spring rolls with peanut ginger dipping sauce
  4. fruit and oat smoothie
  5. chia, quinoa, and banana granola bars
  6. homemade graham crackers
  7. roasted chestnuts
  8. green bean fries
  9. guacamole with homemade pita chips
  10. honey mustard snack mix


  1. carrot chips
  2. butternut squash goat cheese dip
  3. spinach strawberry smoothie
  4. raisin nut granola bars
  5. cashew ginger energy bites
  6. whole grain peanut butter and honey banana muffins
  7. spicy chili lime chickpeas
  8. Parmesan roasted tomatoes
  9. Mojito fruit salad
  10. roasted carrot and garlic hummus


  1. beet chips
  2. black bean hummus
  3. chocolate peanut butter smoothie
  4. cherry tomato balsamic avocado toast
  5. pumpkin chocolate chip granola bars
  6. strawberry banana frozen yogurt pops
  7. shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce
  8. chicken nachos
  9. berry smoothie
  10. lemony avocado toast with arugula


  1. kale chips
  2. tzatziki hummus
  3. blueberry and spinach smoothie
  4. sweet & salty trail mix granola bars
  5. cranberry pistachio energy bites
  6. garlic bread chickpeas
  7. peanut butter and banana yogurt pops
  8.  sweet potato nachos
  9. breakfast fruit pizzas
  10. winter avocado toast, two ways


  1. peach chips
  2. roasted poblano sweet corn hummus
  3. coconut macadamia granola
  4. rainbow coconut smoothie bowls
  5. grilled zucchini nachos
  6. one-ingredient banana ice cream
  7. rainbow fruit and veggie ice pops
  8. strawberry and quinoa parfaits
  9. Asian snack mix
  10. pineapple cucumber salsa with tortilla chips

Did you make one or more of the healthy snacks in this round-up?

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100 Healthy Snacks A Wealth of Healthy Snack Ideas

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5 thoughts on “100 Healthy Snacks”

  1. This is a very big and extensive list of snacks. Which is always helpful. We still like to make as many of our own snacks as possible so we know what is in all of them.

  2. Pinned this for this weekend! I’m going to make some of these! I think part of my eating-so-much problem when I get home is that I don’t have good snack options at work. I bring snacks every day but nothing sounds enticing to me! These look great though!

  3. Wow – quite the round up! I need to make those ranch pretzels. I love pretzels and have them all the time, and ranch is another favorite of mine!

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