15 Months of Genevieve

This past week our Genevieve turned 15 months old!


Genevieve continues to impress us with her verbal abilities. She uses multiple words beyond mama and dada intentionally and frequently. Genevieve has picked up a few of Olivia’s favorite words, including uh-oh and stuck, and uses them often. She’s also learned yeah and uses it pretty well. I love how Genevieve can communicate concepts like that she’s done with or wants more food so effectively.

Genevieve’s big gross motor milestone for this past month is using the walker. Tommy loves helping Genevieve walk, which is so sweet. But I’m terrified he’s going to pitch her down our sunken living room stairs. So, a week and a half ago, I got out the walker, and Genevieve took to it right away. She still needs a lot of help steering. The only trick is keeping Tommy and Olivia from stealing the walker or just running circles around Genevieve the whole time ha.


With that being said, Genevieve is amazingly tolerant of so many of Tommy’s and Olivia’s antics. They can both play pretty rough. Olivia frequently takes Genevieve’s toys or hogs toys they’re both playing with (i.e., blocks). It’s very rare that Genevieve pitches a fit.

Genevieve has started ripping off her Zutano snap booties, usually, before we’ve even left the house or as soon as she’s in the car. I try to keep them on her for short periods when it’s really cold. But it’s definitely a struggle these days, which is why she’s barefoot in all of the pictures in this post.


After nearly six months of having just her bottom two front teeth, Genevieve cut four teeth this month, all at once. She cut her top two teeth and the bottom teeth on either side of the two right in the middle. Genevieve’s nose ran constantly pretty much the entire time. She had a few days with very little appetite and a whole week of rough sleep, both for naps and at night. Thankfully, her appetite came back pretty quickly, and now she’s sleeping through the night again.

It’s been another very low-key month. Olivia had a bad flu bug that completely wiped her reserves. It took her more than a week to fully recover. We’ve also had a handful of really cold and snowy days as well as an ice storm. With so much sickness going around lately and then bad weather on top of it, we’ve had a number of classes and plans get canceled or postponed.


Genevieve is used to being on the go with us all the time and is not always thrilled to have multiple days in a row at home. We did have a couple of small outings and get togethers with family and friends. Our one big outing for the past month was to the Domes for their annual model train show, which is where I took all of the pictures in this post.

Aside from the teething period at the end of the month, Genevieve had another great eating month. She’s the only one of the three kids who’s really excited to sit down and eat at mealtime for more than a few minutes. Genevieve is always willing to try new food and has liked almost everything we’ve given her. Genevieve’s favorite foods are still graham crackers and oranges. Her favorite breakfast right now is a breakfast sausage and an Eggo waffle. All of the kids are going through a big breakfast sausage phase. We go through a ton of them each week.


About a week before Genevieve’s 15-month milestone, I started transitioning her off bottles. She’s used sippy cups on occasion previously with zero issues. It’s just been a process of slowly offering them more and more and phasing out the bottles. By the time she hit 15 months, I’d stopped using bottles completely.

Genevieve had a little rougher sleep month than normal. Obviously, the teething period was rough with her struggling to settle and stay settled for naps and waking up multiple times at night. Teething period aside, lately, Genevieve screams a lot when you first put her down for naps and at night. Then she wants to wake up really early, 5:30/6:00, even if I’ve given her a final bottle before bed. Usually, she’ll resettle with a bottle until at least 7:30/8:00.


You can find all of my baby/toddler updates for all three kids as well as general family updates and other family-related posts in the family section of the blog.

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