3 Years of Tommy

Tommy at the Beach

This past week our Tommy turned three years old.

Here’s to three amazing years with our vehicle-loving, dandelion-blowing, energetic, outgoing Tommy who would rather run than walk, pretends to be a knight or Spiderman more often than not, never misses a chance to jump in a puddle, and is fiercely protective of all animals and babies, both real and pretend.

Tommy is still getting me outside every single day, constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone with his social skills even in the midst of a global pandemic with a lot of social distancing, always up for visiting the beach, sharing my ridiculous love of cats, and kicking my butt at every sport he attempts.

The second year was about ten times more fun than the first year and went by so much more quickly. The third year was just that much better. I’m looking forward to the years ahead even more.

Three years later, I’m still in awe that I’m a mom, especially to such an amazing little human being. Words cannot truly express how grateful I am every single day that Tommy’s amazing birth mom made one of the hardest decisions of her life, which gave me the privilege of becoming a mom. I will never truly feel worthy of being given the honor of raising Tommy.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Tommy on the Beach
Toddler With Toy Sword
Tommy Halloween 2019
Tommy Coloring November 2019
Tommy at the Zoo
Tommy with the Wooden Train Set
Christmas Morning
Tommy Pushing Baby Doll
Tommy on the Trampoline December 2019
Tommy at Medieval Times
Toddler with Fireman Hat
Toddler with Box on Head
Rock Throw
Easter 2020
Tommy Bike
Medieval Dress Up
Tommy May 2020

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