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My 34th birthday is a week from today! I absolutely don’t expect any of my blog readers to get me a gift. I like sharing my birthday wish list because I always enjoy reading other people’s wish lists.

Canon 80D via Amazon |

The one item I’ve really wanted for this birthday is the Canon 80D. It was actually released just before my last birthday, and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since. It’s a little bittersweet upgrading from my Rebel t4i because it was my first DSLR and it changed my life. But the 80D is an amazing camera. Jake and I are taking a big international trip later this year. Everyone recommends bringing a spare camera body for this type of trip, just in case something happens to your main camera body. So this is the time to make the jump.

My 80D is actually in transit right now and is scheduled to arrive before my birthday. I’m so excited to share some 80D test shots with you over the next few weeks.

DSLR Camera Accessories |

Getting a new camera body means getting a few new camera accessories. One reason I love shooting Canon is that Canon cameras have amazing battery life. The likelihood that I would run out of battery life, even on a full day of shooting on vacation, is pretty rare. But it’s not ever worth taking that risk. (This is 100% my own opinion. Canon didn’t sponsor this post.)

When I ordered the 80D, I also ordered a spare battery charger and two spare batteries, a battery grip, and two SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB SDXC memory cards. I love shooting with a battery grip, even when I’m not worried about battery life. It creates a more balanced feel for the camera. Finally, I ordered the new memory cards because I’ve been shooting with the same SanDisk 64GB card for over two years. My other memory cards are even older. It’s time to replace them, and the upcoming trip was a good excuse to make it happen.

Canaan Fair Trade Crushed Infused Olive Oils |

I love olive oil and use it all the time in my cooking for roasted vegetables, bread dough for calzones and pizza, stir fries, and so much more. Last Christmas one of my family members got me this Canaan Fair Trade brand basil crushed olive oil. SO good. I went through the entire 250ml bottle in just a few months. This Christmas I got another Canaan basil olive oil as well as a D’Oro brand basil olive oil, which is just as good. I’m going to finish off the second bottle before the summer.

LOFT Spring 2017 Collage |

I’ve been on an unofficial clothing spending freeze since mid-2016. Aside from a couple of items I bought for myself while Christmas shopping, I haven’t bought clothes in months. I don’t need more clothes right now. Period. But I have a LOFT card, which means I get a $15 gift card for my birthday. So I’ll be stopping by the outlet before the end of this month and hopefully, limiting myself to a FEW purchases. I’m sharing a selection of items that I love at LOFT right now: embroidered shell // cherry blossom tee // floral pencil skirt // primavera jacket.

Yugentribe Solar System Bracelet |

I can’t write a wish list post without mentioning at least one Etsy shop. Back at Christmas, I ordered yugentribe‘s moon phase leggings and full moon necklace and have been really happy with both purchases. I love so many items in this shop. But I had mention their solar system bracelet in this post.

creatiate rubber stamps collage |

It’s not a surprise that I love crafting. I don’t ever wander into Michaels just to browse because I end up spending $50 without even thinking about it. creatiate has some of my all-time favorite stamps on Etsy. Homemade rubber stamps are worth every penny. Please go check out this shop because I can’t feature every item in it in this post. Here are just a few favorites: leaf // little camera // buttons // rain cloud.

[Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to write about any of the items in this post. There are a few affiliate links. Thanks for your support!]

What items are on your wish list right now?
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7 thoughts on “birthday wish list”

  1. What a fun list! I am always a sucker for a birthday gift from stores 😉 And that camera! What a dream!!!

  2. That olive oil looks pretty delicious! And, surprisingly, I’m the same way at craft stores – EVEN THOUGH I have no creative bone in my body! Everything is just so cute and I always think I’ll become a scrapbooker just by being in the store. Hahhaa.

  3. I have and love that memory card! It’s so much faster than my older, cheaper cards.
    My current wishlist…is a house. We’re looking ahead to 2018/early 2019 when Angel plans to (most likely) leave active duty and we’ll probably move back to SC. In my hometown you can literally buy a mansion for the price of a small condo in Hawaii. We won’t actually be buying anything for at least a year and a half, but it’s so much fun to look and realize there are places where we can afford to own a home!

  4. Upgrading your camera is so much fun! I upgraded a few years ago and am SO incredibly in love with that decision. Enjoy all of your new fun toys! And a Happy Early Birthday!

  5. Great Birthday wish list. The Canon 80D was also on my Birthday/Christmas wish list, but need a few more sales first! Love that you treated yourself to something special! You will get some great shots with that camera!

    LOFT – I assume you mean Ann Taylor LOFT? Love the Jacket (last pic)

    Beautiful bracelet – hope you find that in your gift bag!

    Early Happy Birthday wishes!

  6. Happy Birthday!
    I use SanDisk as well and I’m very pleased with it. Those stamps are adorable! That’s wonderful you’ll be going on a big trip and can bring along your new camera 🙂

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