Seven Months of Olivia


This past week our Olivia turned seven months old!

At her six-month checkup, Olivia weighed 16 pounds 4 ounces (44th percentile), measured 28 inches (97th percentile), and had a head circumference of 17 inches (68th percentile).


A few days after Olivia turned six months old, she started backward crawling. She remains obsessed with tummy time and flips onto her tummy and hangs out that way all the time. Her days in the bouncy chairs may be numbered because she wants to turn over onto her tummy so much. Even when she’s belted in, I’m always worried that she’s going to flip the whole thing. Olivia is just starting to show an interest in sitting up from a laying down position and in sitting up in general. She still doesn’t sit up on her own for more than a second or two at a time.


Olivia’s favorite place to hang out right now is the exer-saucer. She likes the Baby Einstein jumper but absolutely loves the exer-saucer. She stayed in it for two hours straight at Tommy’s birthday party this month. Most days she’ll easily do at least half an hour a time. There’s something about the way it bounces that Olivia likes better than the Baby Einstein. She’s also crazy about the toys on it that spin. Olivia has toys all over the house now. I will often bring them in her car seat, too.


Olivia is all about checking out different textures. She’s always reaching out to touch a wall, a table, the side of her car seat, etc. and scratching it. Olivia’s also very into her toes these days. She plays with them all the time and often puts them in her mouth as well.

Olivia gives us so many smiles and laughs now. Tommy still gets by far the most laughs. He has so much patience for playing peek-a-boo and other games that she loves and that make her laugh. Jake and I are slowly starting to get more laughs when we play with her, too.

Tommy and Olivia

Olivia has been to a ton of different places this month, including the Bristol Renaissance Faire, the Milwaukee Zoo, the Racine Zoo, the Domes, a wading pool, multiple playgrounds, and the Cracking Art bird sculptures exhibit (pictured above). I took her in the wading pool with me both times, and she did so well. We also had Tommy’s birthday party, a birthday party for Tommy’s birthday buddy (I share a little bit of that story here), and multiple get-togethers with family and friends. Olivia met so few people during her first few months of life. She’s not used to being passed around and meeting tons of new people. She’s just starting to get familiar with some family and friends beyond my parents.

Olivia is still wearing size 2 diapers and mostly six-month and six-nine-month clothing. She remains steady eating six ounces every three hours. Until she sits up on her own independently, we won’t do much solid food. She’s had rice cereal and baby puffs a few times. Olivia’s hair does keep coming in, slowly but surely. She doesn’t have any teeth yet. As her eye color hasn’t changed at all, it seems like she’ll be keeping her bright blue eyes.

Olivia and Grandma

I keep hoping that Olivia will start sleeping through the night more consistently. But we haven’t turned that corner yet. She didn’t have any major regression this month at least. There were a handful of nights that she woke up twice. Most nights she’s waking up once, usually around four a.m. She made it through the night a few times. Typically, at night she eats pretty well and goes right back to sleep. Olivia is doing so well with naps and consistently takes a shorter nap in the morning and a longer nap in the afternoon. When we’re out and about, she’ll nap in the car. The whole rolling over while sleeping thing is still an issue, but it’s not getting worse at least.


You can find all of my Olivia updates as well as my Tommy baby/toddler updates, general family updates, and other family-related posts in the family section of the blog.

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