Summer Favorites 2020

Favorites Summer 2020

I’m posting my summer favorites a little earlier than normal, so you have a chance to pick up summer items while you can still use them this season. Enjoy!

LOFT ruffle sleeve mixed media tops. I have a bunch of tops, half a dozen or so, from LOFT that are very similar to their ruffle sleeve mixed media tops. The ones I own actually have more of a ruched sleeve. I’m wearing one in last year’s family pictures. I have them in constant rotation all summer. I love that they’re so versatile. They’re perfect for every day around the house, but you can dress them up, too.

Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Tank. I have the more popular Madewell Whisper V-Neck T-Shirt (in several colors). I like the t-shirt design. While I don’t wear the tanks as often, I almost like them more because the neckline isn’t quite as deep. It’s also more of a sleeveless design with wide straps, which I prefer over more traditional tank cuts. I didn’t buy any new Madewell tanks this summer and am still going strong with the ones I bought last year.

Bare Traps women’s Tayna sandal. I got this pair of Bare Trap sandals last summer and couldn’t wait to pull them out again as soon as the weather got warm. They are by far the comfiest pair of sandals I’ve ever owned. My tan lines on my feet from last summer actually never fully faded and are now back stronger than ever. Amazon has a bunch of other Bare Traps styles, and DSW, where I bought my pair, has even more.

Steve Madden Dina Sandal. My other go-to sandals that I also picked up last summer are the Steve Madden Dina sandals. They look great and are so comfortable. I don’t do quite as much walking in them as the Bare Traps, but I can keep them all day for gatherings with family and friends and that sort of thing.

Mrs. Meyer’s limited edition rose. I still love Mrs. Meyer’s honeysuckle more than any other Mrs. Meyer’s scent. But I stocked up on several rose items this spring when it had just released and almost every other scent was sold out everywhere. It’s strong but smells so good, just like a perfume, without any hint of chemicals.

WingedWorld on Etsy. How adorable is this Etsy shop? I love the concept so much. I’m also crazy jealous of her vintage library card catalog cards collection.

Davedicello on Instagram. I know, it’s been ages since I’ve recommended anyone to follow on Instagram. If you need some more pretty pictures filling your feed (and I know you do right now), check him out. I’m always a sucker for urban photography, and his is some of the best. I mean, seriously. If you need a few more people to follow, some of my other favorite Instagram accounts include barrybutler, howsweeteats, alisakburke, kpunkka, punkodelish, and jordi.koalitic.

Boston Public Library on Flickr. I’ve become a bit obsessed with tracking down royalty-free/copyright-free vintage resources online lately. The Boston Public Library collection on Flickr is one of the best I’ve found yet. The 4th of July patriotic sheet music and covers collection I released earlier this summer is just the beginning.

Adam Savage’s Every Tool is a Hammer. Adam Savage’s book is one of the best books I’ll read all year. It has a wealth of applicable advice for any creative field and for just creative out-of-the-box thinking for life in general. I’ve always loved Mythbusters. The book made me appreciate the show and why it was so good that much more.

Hamilton on Disney Plus. I don’t even need to spend time talking about why the way early release of the Hamilton movie is so great, right? It was definitely the thing we all needed to make this crazy weird summer a little bit better. I love the soundtrack and have listened to it a ton since I saw the show in the fall. Seeing and hearing the original cast perform it, even as a recorded performance, is so much better.

Finally, if you haven’t given MXR Plays a chance yet, go watch a few of their videos. We’re still going strong with it, over a year later and counting. I promise you that it’s the best lightweight way to end every day, especially right now.

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What have you been loving this summer?

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