Lake Michigan

Summer Harbor Views

It’s been another minute since I last posted lake views. (I said that in my previous post, too. We’re all glad that it doesn’t look like that currently, right?) Of course, you get regular glimpses of our spectacular lake if you read my Tommy updates or follow me on Instagram. But I don’t create a lot of dedicated lake posts here these days.

For those who do follow me on Instagram, you know that I can never get enough boat views. Earlier this month, my car was due for an oil change. Instead of wait an hour at the auto shop with a toddler (which would have been stressful), we went for a walk along the Racine harbor (which was great). The hour just flew by. I’m sharing a few of our views with you today. Enjoy!

Harbor Downtown Racine August 2018 |

Harbor Downtown Racine August 2018 |

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Winter Lake Views

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted Lake Michigan views on the blog. The lake has been really high for nearly a year now, making it hard to do a lot of beach wandering. While I see the lake every day right from our house and during walks in the neighborhood, baby wearing and picture taking on the beach don’t really mix. So I’ve been enjoying lake views but not taking so many pictures of them.

Needless to say, I’ve missed it. I was so glad to get an opportunity to sneak down to the beach for a bit last month. We had almost no ice formations last year, and it’s been fun to see some really neat ones again this year.

Winter Lake Views January 2018 |

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Summer Memories: June Kenosha Instagram Meetup

Kenosha Lakefront June 2017 Instagram Meetup |

In the craziness of going to Europe, having a staycation with friends, and then adopting Tommy, there are a few major events from the summer that I documented but never shared. As we reached about the 2.5 month mark with Tommy, I regained the energy and focus to spend more than a few minutes at a time editing photos. (And yes, he’s now 3.5 months old. It’s still taking me a while to edit photos.) While these summer memories posts won’t be very timely, I’m still excited to share them with you.

Milwaukee has an active photography community, and a handful of local photographers and organizations host Instagram meetups throughout the year. I’ve been following several meetup accounts for a few years now and finally made it to two meetups in June, one in Kenosha (which I’m sharing today) and one in Milwaukee (which I’ll be sharing in a future post).

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