Two Months of Annie

This week our Annie turned two months old!


At her one-month appointment, Annie weighed seven pounds 11.6 ounces (5th percentile), measured 21 inches long (32nd percentile), and had a head circumference of 13.8 inches (5th percentile). At her two-month appointment, Annie weighed nine pounds 11 ounces (9th percentile), measured 22 inches long (22nd percentile), and had a head circumference of 14.8 inches (22nd percentile).


The biggest event from this past month was Annie’s baptism. Due to when Olivia and Genevieve were born, we didn’t do any sort of gathering afterward. We were way overdue to have a large gathering of family and friends for an occasion besides Tommy’s birthday. It was so nice to have a larger group at the baptism and to be able to go out afterward.


I take a ton of pictures of the kids when we’re out and about. Through the years, I’ve tried to take a few pictures of the little one in the stroller. Now it’s Annie. This past month, she was along for the ride at the zoo and the pumpkin farm. Also, can we talk about this baby hat? Even with the ties, it still slips in her eyes just as much as any other baby hat, but it is just the cutest.

Annie has started giving us smiles, which is the best thing ever. Sometimes, she’ll smile when she recognizes one of us or when she thinks something is amusing. On occasion, Annie will even make little excited noises accompanying the smiles. I can’t believe how much she’s already testing out her voice.


When she’s in the right mood, Annie loves to do short stints in the activity gym and the kick ‘n play. I’m surprised by how much she already loves trying to grab the toys and kicking the piano keys.

Annie is so alert. She came out alert and has always been very tuned into what’s happening around her. The older she gets and the more her vision improves, the more intentional she is about watching everything happening around her. Annie has great head control and loves when we hold her upright so that she can see as much as possible.


Annie remains as snuggly as ever, especially with me. Nothing makes her happier than getting to tuck in with me after eating and falling asleep that way. Annie also still likes to be swaddled when she’s sleepy or upset. She’s strong enough to bust right out of a blanket swaddle. But when she’s tired or really in need of snuggles, she doesn’t fight it and will fall asleep or just relax in her swaddle.

Annie fits all of her 0-3 month clothing comfortably now. Her newborn clothes are even getting a little tight. Until a couple of weeks ago, I pretty much only put her in zip-up or snap-up one-piece suits. Now I rotate in onesies and pants and a few dresses, especially during the day.


In preparation for the colder weather ahead, I got Annie a couple of pairs of 3-6 month snap Zutano booties. I’m very excited that they already fit. Of course, she kicks them off sometimes. But she’s done so well wearing them so far.

Annie has kept all of her newborn hair. It continues to fill in more each week. The jury is still out on Annie’s eye color. Most days, they look more blue than anything else. But Annie’s eyes are dark enough that I still feel like they could change color over the next few months.


Annie continues to breastfeed and supplement with formula. Some days we do really well with breastfeeding, and she gets in three or four good sessions. Other days, it’s more of a struggle, and I make sure to pump at least once. Annie eats three or four ounces of formula in a single sitting.

Annie wakes up to eat once or twice between midnight and six a.m. She’s started stretching out the first sleep stint and often makes it until at least three a.m. before I feed her. Then it just depends if she wants to eat again around five or six or if she waits until seven or eight.

I’ve never had a set nap schedule for my kids as newborns. I just make sure that they get at least one longer nap, one hour or more, each day. It doesn’t matter what time. The rest of the naps can be shorter. I follow this same nap protocol with Annie. If she doesn’t nap well one day or it’s been especially busy, she’ll pretty much always nap really well the next day.


You can find all of my baby/toddler updates for all of the kids as well as general family updates and other family-related posts in the family section of the blog.

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