17 Months of Genevieve

This past week our Genevieve turned 17 months old!


I forgot to post Genevieve’s stats from her most recent doctor’s appointment in my last update. The appointment was for her 15-month milestone and accordingly, was almost two months ago now. At that appointment, Genevieve weighed 22 pounds 3 ounces (62nd percentile), measured 29 inches tall (6th percentile), and had a head circumference of 17.9 inches (43rd percentile).

Genevieve’s short stature and average weight make choosing the right clothing sizes a little challenging right now. She can still wear six and nine-month stretchy pants but needs 12-month jeans, so that the more fitted waist is comfortable, even though the length is a little long. On top, she’s already getting too long for a lot of 12-18 month items. Most likely I’ll be pulling the rest of the 18-24 month tops from Olivia’s drawers sooner rather than later and transitioning Olivia to all 2T tops.


Genevieve continues to impress us with her verbal skills and the gains that she makes with them every month. She’s started using the word “nana” as a general term for things she likes, much as Olivia used to do with “baby.” Genevieve used “nana” most often for banana, night night, and hilariously enough, kitty. But on occasion, she’ll use it for other things that she likes. Genevieve also uses the term “wawa,” in a similar manner. Usually, she says “wawa” when she’s upset and wants something, but it isn’t necessarily water, which can make it a little tough to determine what she does want.

Genevieve understands more and more each month, too. She consistently answers “yeah” for a host of different questions and responds to conversations about saying goodbye, going to sleep, eating, etc. and other familiar topics appropriately.


Genevieve gets closer and closer to walking. She’ll hold on to just one hand while she walks now. Genevieve remains the most fearless climber. She beelines for stairs all the time and climbs furniture, step stools, and more. You have to keep an eye on Genevieve constantly and make sure she’s somewhere safe so you can go to the bathroom, switch the laundry, etc.

Genevieve cut one more top tooth this past month, bringing her total up to eight teeth – four top and four bottom. Thankfully, this most recent top tooth came in very smoothly with basically no symptoms.


Genevieve remains a great eater. She’s crazy about fruit. I have yet to give her a type of fruit that she doesn’t like. Genevieve hasn’t been quite as enthusiastic about vegetables but keeps trying new ones and eating them in small quantities. Genevieve is finally slowing down a little bit on breakfast sausage and graham crackers but will still eat both on occasion. She can’t get enough of blueberries, bananas, Mandarin oranges, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes. We rotate through quite a few different cheeses on a regular basis. Genevieve is game to eat all of them.

This past month has been eventful with my birthday, Easter, and a trip to Iowa for a wedding. My in-laws watched the kids for a couple of days, so Jake and I could get away for my birthday. I was most worried about Genevieve having stranger danger, but she did well. I think it helped that she was with Tommy and Olivia the whole time.


Genevieve greatly enjoyed all of the food at Easter. She was still a little too young to hunt for Easter eggs or dye real eggs with my in-laws. But Genevieve enjoyed being along for the ride and hanging out with family.

I shared more about my birthday in my March family update. I have a separate update about our trip scheduled for later this month. I’ll have lots more details about Easter and the Iowa wedding trip in my April family update.


You can find all of my baby/toddler updates for all three kids as well as general family updates and other family-related posts in the family section of the blog.

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