Free Vintage Kodakery Camera Magazine Pages

Free vintage Kodakery camera magazine pages are a unique find for any photography enthusiast!

Kodakery April 1929 Preview

It’s no secret that I love all things vintage photography. After publishing a collection of Kodak camera supply catalog pages, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pick up a Kodakery magazine. I also have a set of vintage film photography ephemera to round out your vintage photo paper collection. These three offerings make such a nice set for home, studio, and classroom decor. They’re also ideal for endless craft projects, including but not limited to, art/junk journals, greeting cards, decoupage, scrapbooks, and Christmas ornaments.

This particular edition of the Kodakery magazine is from April 1929. It features a photography contest offering a staggering $30,000 in prizes with a grand prize of $2,500. In today’s money, $30,000 is equivalent to about $524,860, and $2,500 is equivalent to about $43,740. The fact that the prize money was this high absolutely blows my mind.

There are multiple pages in the magazine with all of the details about the photography contest. This issue of the Kodakery also features lots of photography tips complete with illustrations and detailed photos, a list of Kodak radio programs across the country, and multiple advertisements for photography gear.

I’m providing 20 full pages from the vintage Kodakery magazine. Enjoy!

How to use vintage book pages

When you’re looking for vintage book pages, generally, you already have a plan for them. If you’re searching for inspiration or simply want a few additional ideas for your new antique printables, consider one or more of the following projects.

  • DIY home decor. One of the most popular ways to use old book pages is to make one-of-a-kind wall art and other home decor. Vintage Kodak magazine pages make great decor for homes, offices, classrooms, and more. You can use them as is or overlay them with text and/or PNGs or transparent background images.
  • Greeting cards. I love vintage magazine pages for general note cards or photography-themed cards, such as thank you cards for a family photographer or photography teacher.
  • Tile coasters. Any type of vintage paper works well for my vintage sheet music botanical coasters project. I love the concept of a photography-themed set.
  • Glass or bottle cap magnets, using the technique that I honed for my sheet music magnets.
  • Pendant necklaces, using the tutorial above but swapping in bails to make pendant necklaces.
  • Christmas ornaments. There are so many fun possibilities for photography holiday ornaments to give as gifts, to display on your own tree, and to sell online and/or at craft fairs.
  • Art journals and other mixed media projects. Antique book pages are a very common material for art/junk journals and other kinds of mixed media art. You can use them on their own or layer them with stamps, paint, ink, and more.
  • Scrapbooking. Vintage book pages are perfect for backgrounds and decorative elements for physical and digital scrapbooks. They also make wonderful materials for DIY scrapbook embellishments.

About the vintage Kodakery camera magazine pages

You may use the antique magazine pages for as many personal projects as you’d like, which includes classroom use. You may also use them for limited runs of commercial projects (5,000 items or less). Commercial use DOES NOT include made-to-order sites, such as Zazzle and Society6. Digital commercial items must be flat, finished products (i.e., not Photoshop files) consisting of your own original content. You are not authorized to sell the magazine pages, either as individual items or as part of larger collections.

Finally, please don’t distribute the download files. If family, friends, or co-workers would like their own Kodakery magazine pages, please send them a link to this post, so that they can download their own files. Your support allows me to continue to offer free printables!

Kodakery April 1929 Collage

Full magazine pages

I’m providing 20 full pages from the Kodakery April 1929 magazine. All of the pages are 3040 x 4380 pixels with 300 dpi resolution. There are multiple pages related to the $30,000 photography contest as well as lots of photography tips with accompanying illustrations and detailed photos, a list of Kodak radio programs across the country, advertisements for photography gear, and more.

I’ve split the full magazine pages into four ZIP folders to give you large files in an easy-to-download format.

[1 – Kodakery April 1929 Magazine]

[2 – Kodakery April 1929 Magazine]

[3 – Kodakery April 1929 Magazine]

[4 – Kodakery April 1929 Magazine]

Extracting and downloading the ZIP folders

I’ve created ZIP folders for the vintage photography magazine pages. Zipped folders allow me to offer high-resolution files for crisp, vivid printing and to protect said files against potential theft. Extracting and downloading the ZIP folders from Google Drive is a fairly straightforward process. Please note that it does take a little time for each folder to download in full.

  • When you click on the download link, select the Open with ZIP Extractor option at the top of the page.
  • The folder will open in a new window. The files will download.
  • Once the files have downloaded, click Extract Now.
  • When the files have extracted and uploaded, click View Extracted Files.
  • Double click on the folder.
  • To download, select the files you’d like to download. Click the three horizontal dots More Actions button. Choose Download.

I strongly recommend moving your downloaded files out of your downloads folder and into your main photos folder. I also recommend making a backup copy of the files on an external hard drive or cloud storage drive. Keep your files in a folder titled “Kodakery Magazine” or something similar, so you’re able to find them again easily.

Now you’re ready to use your vintage printables for home decor and numerous craft projects!

Framed Vintage Photography Set
The above image features one of the Kodakery magazine pages as well as a vintage film photography envelope and a Kodak camera supply catalog page.

Printing vintage magazine pages

When you use antique magazine pages and other old book pages to make your own wall art and other home decor, my personal pick for home printing is Finestra Art Paper. The paper boasts an acid-free, matte surface, which dries ink rapidly, producing crisp, vivid images. I like the aesthetic that Finestra produces better than the look that you get with regular printer paper, presentation paper, or card stock.

Finestra doesn’t provide any sponsorship or endorsement for me promoting their products, aside from basic affiliate commissions. I found their products through my own research and love the consistent, high-quality results that they’ve offered through years of creating art for blog posts and decor for my own home.

For all craft projects, I use white card stock. When you’re making greeting cards, mixed media art, and scrapbook embellishments, it’s not as important that the images are really vibrant. When you’re creating pieces that involve multiple coats of diamond glaze or Mod Podge, such as tile coasters, pendant necklaces, and glass magnets, you won’t be able to tell any difference in the finish of your paper. As such, it makes sense to use card stock, which is less expensive, but still high-quality and very durable.

[Disclaimer: There are a few affiliate links in this post. Thanks for your support!]

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Free Printable Vintage Kodakery Camera Magazine Pages

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