50 Gift Ideas for Dad on Amazon

Getting dad a unique gift he’ll love is always important.

50 Gift Ideas for Dad on Amazon

From his birthday to Christmas to Father’s Day, it can be tough to figure out a gift, especially for dads who seem to have everything already. I’ve rounded up 50 gift ideas for dad on Amazon, with lots of unique present options. There are gift ideas that are perfect for daughters, sons, spouses, parents, and beyond, with something for everyone. Many of these gift ideas are presents I’ve gifted my husband, dad, and brother on multiple occasions. Happy shopping! I know you’ll find the perfect gifts for the dads in your life.


Sometimes practical dad gifts are the best, and a wallet is no exception. I love both the aesthetic and function of the TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet, which has a super slim design, built-in money clip, and RFID-blocking card holder. It’s also available in a nice range of classic neutrals.


I am a huge fan of moccasin slippers and have been wearing them for years. I waited way too long to gift Jake moccasin slippers. He’s never looked back. I greatly prefer slippers with backs as opposed to the slip-on design, which isn’t as comfortable or nearly as warm. I love the style and price point of these trapper-pile lined moccasin-style trapper slippers.


A robe is a nice indulgence for lazy weekend mornings and slow evenings around the house. Most dads aren’t going to splurge on robes for themselves, which makes it a great gift. I love the NY Threads Luxurious Men’s Shawl-Collar Fleece Bathrobe, which is super soft and available in several beautiful neutrals. If Dad would prefer a lightweight robe, check out the classic U2SKIIN Men’s Cotton Robe. I love the white piping detail on a number of the styles.

External battery

An external battery may not seem like the most exciting gift. But it’s one of those items that once you have it, you won’t know what you did without it. An external battery is a must-have item for modern travel and is an awesome convenience around the house and on the go when you aren’t necessarily near a phone charger. My go-to external battery is the Power Bank RAVPower Portable Charger.

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External hard drive

An external hard drive is another tech gift that may not seem very exciting but is guaranteed to be in constant use every day. At a minimum, an external hard drive is ideal for backing up important documents, photos, and videos. Modern laptops have limited internal storage, which means external storage is necessary, especially for travel and any type of data-heavy (i.e., photos, videos) work. I own multiple Western Digital external hard drives and have had zero issues with them.

Sonos speaker

Installing a Sonos system in our home completely changed the way we listen to music and how often we listen to music. For the price, ease of use, and sound quality, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better sound system option than Sonos. The Play:1 speaker is compact, wireless, and compatible with Alexa, all at a very affordable price.

Wireless charger

Wireless chargers are ridiculously affordable and so useful. Instead of hunting for the right cord or keeping extra cords on hand for when your whole family is in the living room or you have company, simply set up a few wireless chargers in high-traffic areas of the home. You may be gifting Dad a wireless charger, but you’ll soon find you’re all using it regularly.

Camera gear

Being able to take pictures of your kids on your phone is great. But sometimes the phone camera doesn’t cut it or you don’t want the distraction of taking pictures on the same device that you use for everything else. I’m a huge fan of the PANASONIC LUMIX G85 Mirrorless Camera, especially when it’s paired with the 25mm f/1.7 lens. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a lighter camera with such superior image quality at this price point.

Smart home security camera

Finishing out the Dad tech gift ideas, wireless technology has made home security systems so affordable and easy to set up. Installing a few indoor wireless smart home cameras will give Dad a huge peace of mind about his home and family. As you can watch the camera feeds right from your phone, you’ll never worry about leaving your home again.

Hilarious parenting books

If you’ve checked out any of my other gift guides, you know that I really like funny parenting gifts. Humourous parenting books are no exception. For dads, I recommend How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill, Man vs. Child: One Dad’s Guide to the Weirdness of Parenting, and Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes.

Funny dad t-shirts

My husband really enjoys funny/geeky t-shirts, so clothing items are a regular gift choice in my house. Just a few of my favorite funny t-shirt picks on Amazon that are perfect for dads include well that’s not a good sign, I ate some pi and it was delicious, I paused my game to be here, and I don’t need Google my wife knows everything. For Dads who don’t want shirts that are quite so silly, a papa bear t-shirt is always a good choice.

Grill set

For Dads who like to grill, a few new grilling tools make for a nice gift choice once in a while. If you don’t have a lot of kitchen accessories or haven’t upgraded your grilling tools recently, a full grill accessory set with a thermometer works well.

French press

I know that Keurig machines are all the rage. But if you’re serious about your coffee drinking, a good French press is a much better investment and frankly, produces much better-tasting coffee. You can’t go wrong with a classic Bodum Chambord French press to make hot or cold coffee in minutes.

Nonstick frying pans

For Dads who like to cook, a high-quality nonstick frying pan like the 12″ stone earth frying pan by Ozeri is a must-have item that will quickly be in daily use. A high-end frying pan heats much more evenly, and the nonstick coating holds up under frequent use.

Smoked spices

Picking up a few new spices is a fun way to experiment with favorite recipes and cooking techniques, such as grilling steaks. All of the spaces in the FreshJax Smoked Spices Gift Set sound so delicious. Each spice includes food pairing suggestions right on the bottle.

Popcorn seasoning

Switch up movie night popcorn with different seasonings. I went with a more gourmet pick from Urban Accents, but don’t feel limited to this option. There are lots of popcorn seasoning sets with all different flavors on Amazon.

Electric blanket

An electric blanket is one of those items you don’t think you need until you own it. You may get a heated blanket for Dad, but soon the entire family will be fighting over it, and you’ll have to pick up a couple more. The Pure Enrichment PureRelief Plush Heated Throw is huge and ridiculously soft.

Magnetic wristband for tools

A magnetic wristband is a great gift for handy dads and beyond. I can envision using this type of wristband for numerous DIY and sewing projects as well.


A multitool is so useful to have on hand for random household projects that are bound to pop up unexpectedly. With 18 tools in one handy gadget, you’re covered for a wide range of tasks.

Vacuum-insulated mug

A vacuum-insulated mug or flask with a lid makes it easy to take hot drinks on the go and keep them hot for hours without worrying about spills. I’m a big fan of the Hydro Flask brand and love their 12 oz. travel coffee flask with a press-in lid that comes in more than a dozen colors. The AAQ Home & Kitchen insulated mugs are another good option, offering a timeless stainless steel finish.

YETI stainless steel mug

I’m also a big fan of the YETI brand and love their Vacuu Rambler stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler. It comes in a range of great colors and can be used with a handle and/or straw top.

Dress shirt

For dads who wear dress shirts to work, a few new dress shirts every year is always a good idea, as they do get worn out. Van Heusen men’s poplin dress shirts are high quality and very reasonably priced. Amazon carries an extensive range of colors and sizes.


I know that neckties remain a pretty popular gift idea for dads. However, for most dads, belts are far more practical and will get worn a lot more often. As belts wear out, it’s always nice to get a new one. I love this Bulliant Reversible Leather Belt that’s available in multiple sizes and color pairings.

Moscow mule mugs

I know that Moscow mule mugs are already a bit overplayed as a dad gift idea. But I still think that they’re a much more unique gift than tacky wine glasses or beer steins, which are way overdone. They’re so much prettier, too. I love that this Mule Science mug set comes with matching straws and a shot glass.


A drone is a fun present for the dad who has everything and appreciates getting a fun toy gift once in a while. The Holy Stone F181W drone is perfect for beginner drone fliers who want more than a cheap mini model.

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes box set is one of the best things ever. There is a reason it remains a best seller on Amazon, even though the strip ended more than 20 years ago. I should have bought Jake this present much sooner than I did and can’t recommend it enough for the Calvin and Hobbes fans in your life.

Kingdom Builder

Kingdom Builder is a board game along the lines of Settlers of Catan, except that it’s much quicker and a lot more fun. The game requires a much shorter learning curve, and the variation in the setup tends to result in more even games than Settlers’ games.

Joking Hazard

On a similar note, Joking Hazard is really a much funnier, illustrated version of Cards Against Humanity, which frankly, once you’ve played it a bunch, isn’t very funny anymore.

Classic poker set

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with the classic games, and a poker set is no exception. This Ace Casino poker set is on the expensive side but well worth the price tag for what you get. Dad will never have to buy another poker set again.

Backyard games

For backyard games for Dad, you can’t go wrong with a bags set (or cornhole or bean bag toss or whatever you call it in your area of the country). I like the basic wooden design as well as this collapsible fabric set. Oversized backyard games, such as oversized dice for Yahtzee and other dice games, are also a lot of fun. Standard backyard game sets, such as ring toss and croquet, make great Dad gifts, too.

Lounge pants

It’s always nice for Dad to have an extra pair of super comfortable lounge pants for hanging out at home in the evenings and on weekends. The CYZ jersey cotton knit pajama lounge sleep pants are well priced and come in sets of one or two with different color options.


If Dad wears headphones often, especially for travel (as opposed to working out), it’s well worth getting him a nice pair. Over-the-ear, noise-canceling headphones, such as the COWIN noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, make all the difference. If Dad is a gamer, a good pair of gaming headphones, such as the Beexcellent gaming headset, is another great gift idea.

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Deerskin leather gloves

Deerskin leather gloves are an awesome work glove option. They’re softer, warmer, and more durable than most work gloves. You can’t beat the price point of the Magid deluxe grain deerskin driver gloves.

Cashmere sweater

A cashmere sweater is a timeless clothing item that with care, dads will be able to wear for years and years. It’s so easy to dress cashmere up or down for so many different occasions. I love the classic cut of and color options for the State men’s 100% pure long-sleeve v-neck cashmere sweater.

Duffel bag

For an overnight or weekend trip, sometimes a duffel bag makes more sense than a suitcase, especially for men. I like the Toupons travel duffel bag because it’s very well made, isn’t too big, comes in a great selection of neutrals, and has a lot of pockets, including laptop/tablet pockets.

Toiletry bag

A nice toiletry bag is another solid Dad travel gift that most men are unlikely to purchase for themselves but will enjoy using. I love the Vetelli toiletry bag because you can lay it flat or hang it up for easy access and storage at home or on the road. It also has a beautiful aesthetic.

Trunk organizer

A trunk organizer isn’t the most exciting gift, but it’s an item Dad will appreciate owning every single week. Having miscellaneous car maintenance gear and other items floating around in the trunk is a hassle. An organizer simplifies the problem quickly and easily. I like the Autoark multipurpose trunk organizer, which is collapsible and features adjustable compartments.

Beer making kit

For dads who are beer enthusiasts, a beer making kit is a fun weekend project and may even inspire a new hobby for some dads. This home brewing starter kit is available in a dozen different varieties, ensuring you’ll be able to find a beer just right for Dad.

Hot sauce making kit

If Dad is more of a spicy food fan than a beer drinker or you’re looking for another food/drink-themed gift, I love the idea of a hot sauce making kit. It has everything you need to make a full half dozen bottles of hot sauce, right in the comfort of your own kitchen.


I have bought my husband a handful of nice watches over the years. Ultimately, none of them have worked out terribly well or lasted very long. So I’m going with a tried and true Casio men’s sport dive watch. It may not seem like a very exciting choice, but it’s what my husband is wearing now, and I guarantee it’ll last longer than previous gifted watches.

Super NES Classic

A Super NES Classic is an awesome throwback gift for 30-something and young 40-something dads who grew up with old school Nintendo systems. It’s so much fun to revisit your favorite games and introduce your kids to them. The modern systems come pre-loaded with all of the beloved Super NES games and are compatible with Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro accessories.

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Record player

Vinyl is making a huge comeback with more record and record player sales than there have been in decades. There are tons of new and re-released records available. If Dad has a full stereo setup, it’s well worth getting a record player he can incorporate into it, such as the Audio-Technica Direct-Drive Professional Turntable. The extra money is well worth it for the improved sound quality.

Leather accessory tray

Who doesn’t need a little help keeping their phone and miscellaneous accessories from cluttering up every available surface in the house? I chose the Baoyun men’s valet tray organizer because it’s a nice medium size with multiple compartments, perfect for most dressers and night stands. I also like the super basic catch-all Luxspire valet trays.

Car vacuum

I can’t even believe the price point on the ThisWorx Car Vacuum. It includes a carrying case and multiple attachments, making it a complete steal. If you have a garage or basement, it’s well worth keeping your own car vacuum on hand.

50 States book

50 States, 5,000 Ideas is a fun book to help you keep planning or just daydreaming about your next family vacation.


Every dad needs an extra pair of sunglasses. It’s always good to have one more pair on hand to keep in the hall closet or the car. I love the aesthetic and price point of the Joopin Unisex Polarized Sunglasses. The frames are simple and timeless, and they offer a range of lens colors.

LEGO ship in a bottle

How awesome is the LEGO ship in a bottle? I’m in awe of so many of the modern, complex LEGO kits, including the ship in a bottle. It’s such a fun project, and then you have a neat piece to display in a family room, den, or office.

Fire pit

We love having backyard bonfires so much. If you have a smaller yard, are planning to move in the near future, or like the flexibility of moving your bonfire spot in the yard, a portable fire pit is a great option. I love the aesthetic of this Sunnydaze Northern Galaxy Outdoor Fire Pit.

Picture frame

Most dads love to display pictures of their families at work but aren’t going to buy frames themselves. The next time you have family pictures taken, frame up a few for Dad to display at the office. I love this classic Frametory triple hinged picture frame for family shots. It’s available as a double frame, too.

Office Space stapler

Finally, what dad doesn’t want his own Office Space stapler? People will love Dad’s cute kid pictures he’s displaying in his new frame. But I guarantee he’ll get more comments on the Office Space stapler.

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What are your go-to gifts for dad on Amazon?

I’d love to hear about your favorite unique gift picks for your dad! Tell us about your favorite gift ideas for dad on Amazon.

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