Tommy’s Adoption Finalization

Tommy's Adoption Finalization, Copyright: Melissa Morgan Photography |

I’m not one for a lot of pomp and circumstance. But Tommy’s adoption finalization was sort of a really big deal. While you are waiting six months for finalization, day to day, it doesn’t feel like you’re technically fostering. You’re parenting. But in the larger scheme, it doesn’t feel normal. You have monthly social worker visits, you have restrictions that come with fostering (i.e. travel), and you don’t have a birth certificate or social security card yet. Also, you’ve worked really hard to get there. If you’ve been following our adoption story or know anyone else who has adopted, you know what I mean.

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Five Months of Tommy

Tommy - 5 Months |

This week our little Tommy turned five months old. We’ll get an updated weight and height at his six-month appointment.

Tommy is moving so much. He kicks his legs at every opportunity possible and loves using his foot to bounce himself in his bouncy seats. When he’s on the floor either in his activity gym or on a quilt/blanket, he often scoots himself right off the blanket or mat. He’s rolled over a couple of times on his own. He’s been rocking tummy time, staying on his tummy for 30 seconds to a minute at a time with no complaints. The past couple of weeks, he’s really started to enjoy it, giving us big smiles as he’s looking around.

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