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Upgrading from the Canon t4i to the Canon 80D

Upgrading from the Canon t4i to the Canon 80D |

In March 2017, I upgraded from the Canon t4i to the Canon 80D. I bought the Canon t4i in late 2012. In the little more than four years that I shot with the Canon t4i, I took more than 40,000 images. I put this camera through its paces shooting landscapes, cityscapes, pets, jewelry, food, and much more. I brought it on multiple vacations and used it for the photos for dozens of Etsy listings, articles, and blog posts. I’ve shot with it extensively both indoors and outdoors in a wide variety of light levels from harsh sunlight to golden hour to low light in jazz clubs. The Canon Rebel line is an extremely solid line of entry-level cameras, and I would recommend them to anyone entering the world of DSLR photography.

The Canon t4i was my first DSLR camera, and it changed my life. I don’t know where I would have been without photography during this stage in my life. Not using the Canon t4i exclusively anymore is a little bittersweet. But the Canon 80D is an amazing camera, and it’s already blowing me away.

ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10: Unboxing + Initial Thoughts

ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts |

[Disclaimer: I purchased the ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10 with my own money. ThinkTank did not reimburse me or endorse me to write this post. I do receive a small commission if you use one of my links to purchase ThinkTank gear. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.]

Recently, I purchased the ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10, primarily for an upcoming trip. I have mentioned this trip a few times but purposely been pretty vague about it because I don’t like to announce my travel plans to the greater public. I will be sharing the full details afterward. Not surprisingly, I already own a couple of camera bags, which I love. But neither of them is quite what I want for this trip.

  • LowePro Fastpack. I bought the LowePro backpack right after I bought my first DSLR, and it’s been awesome. It houses both a DSLR and laptop safely, and it’s very comfortable and practical for extended wear and use during trips. It’s been my go-to carry-on and everyday use trip bag ever since. I am still planning to use this bag as my carry-on for the upcoming trip. (It will also be my backup if the unthinkable happens and my checked luggage doesn’t make it.) But it’s too bulky for a trip of this length and nature to use every single day. (Note: I’ve linked the updated version, which features an all-weather cover.)
  • ThinkTank CityWalker 20. Unfortunately, ThinkTank discontinued the CityWalker line. The line is very similar to their MindShiftExposure series. I bought the CityWalker 20 to serve as my walk-around bag for day trips and other shorter excursions. It’s perfect for this purpose. But again, it’s too bulky for this trip. For many people, the weight and size would be fine. But I’m 5’2″ and petite, so it gets to be a lot of weight on my shoulder, especially with extensive walking.

ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10 Unboxing + Initial Thoughts |

Enter the ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10. I consulted with the support group and then a ThinkTank rep before making my purchase. I was already leaning toward this bag before consulting with ThinkTank. It was one of the rep’s two recommendations, which sealed the deal.

Canon 80D Test Shots

Canon 80D |

I got the Canon 80D for my birthday this month! I’ve been wanting this camera since it was first released in February 2016 and am so so excited to own it at last. Purchasing my first DSLR, the Canon Rebel t4i, changed my life. It’s bittersweet not to be shooting with it anymore. But the 80D is an amazing camera, and it’s already blowing me away.