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Envy Scarf Strap Photography Gear Review |

Envy Scarf Strap Photography Gear Review

[Disclaimer: I received two complementary Envy camera straps in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own. I do not receive any commission for your purchases of Envy products. There are a few non-Envy affiliate links in this post. Thanks for your support!]

A little over a year ago, I received two Envy camera straps for review purposes. I have an Envy harness and an Envy scarf strap. I was most interested in the scarf strap and have been using it exclusively ever since Tommy was born. While this hasn’t been my most photography intensive year (hello, newborn life), I’ve spent plenty of time with the Envy scarf strap to feel comfortable sharing my comprehensive thoughts on it.

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ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10 Review

ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise - My Full Review |

[Disclaimer: I purchased the ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10 with my own money. ThinkTank did not reimburse me or endorse me to write this post. I do receive a small commission if you use one of my links to purchase ThinkTank gear. There are a few Amazon affiliate links in this post as well. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.]

Mediterranean Cruise 2017 |

I recently purchased the ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10 for our Mediterranean cruise. (Cruise posts! Highlights | general travel tips | camera gear) Back in May, I shared the unboxing and my initial thoughts about this bag. In that post, you can also read about the other camera bags I own and why I decided to buy a new bag for this trip. Now that I’m back from the Mediterranean, I’m sharing a full review of the ThinkTank SubUrban Disguise 10.

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Mediterranean Cruise Camera Gear |

Mediterranean Cruise Camera Gear

I thought long and hard about the Mediterranean cruise camera gear and accessories I brought for our recent Mediterranean cruise. I wanted to make sure I had the right gear with me for the nature of the trip and that I didn’t get weighed down with gear I didn’t really need. Somewhat at the last minute, we also decided to bring the Canon Rebel t4i for Jake to use, so I ended up planning for a few additional gear items. Today I’m sharing our Mediterranean cruise camera gear, including what we brought and what did and didn’t work well on the trip.

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