DIY Heart Shaped Bokeh How to for Valentine’s Day

Heart-Shaped Bokeh Tutorial for Valentine's Day

For Valentine’s Day, I created DIY heart shaped bokeh! Shape bokeh is so simple and fun, and it allows for endless creative potential for holidays and much more.

DIY heart easy with a DSLR camera, prime lens, and homemade paper heart filter! |

Heart mug with heart bokeh for Valentine's Day! |

Remember the turquoise and red shot with the blue Ball jar in this post? It’s part of this same set! Colored glass, including Ball or mason jars, are perfect for creative shape bokeh shots.

Blue Ball jar with DIY red heart bokeh. |

I added a set of fairy lights to create hearts IN the jar and purposely made the shot a little fuzzy to boost the whimsical feel.

Blue mason jar with fairy lights and a red heart bokeh background. |

A clear stem or stemless wine glass is also perfect for creating a heart bokeh image where the hearts appear to be in the glass.

Clear stemless wine glass with red heart bokeh. |

Valentine's day book heart bokeh. |

Scrabble tiles LOVE letters with DIY heart bokeh background for Valentine's Day. |

How cute is this little wedding couple? I’m a tad bit biased because Jake and I used them as our wedding cake topper. But of all the heart shaped bokeh images I created, I like this composition and the lighting on the subject the best.

Playmobile Wedding Couple With Heart Bokeh |

I created a selective color version of this image, too. I know selective color is a little gimmicky and can look dated for weddings and portraits, but I love using it sparingly, especially for a creative image.

Playmobile Wedding Couple With Heart Bokeh and Selective Color |

I’m sharing the full how-to with behind the scenes setup shots, a supply list, and tips for each image over on the Photorec blog today. Please check it out!

I also have a few of my heart bokeh images available for sale as prints and cards over on Society6! There’s still time to order for the upcoming holiday.

Did you create your own DIY heart shaped bokeh?

I’d love to see it! Tag your images #RoseClearfield on Instagram or Twitter or post a photo to my Facebook page.

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  1. So adorable! We’ve taken in camera shaped bokeh before, but I actually have some heart overlays I made in PS scheduled for a post later this week. I’ll link up your post so folks can learn how to make their own in camera!

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