Winter Favorites 2022

Favorites Winter 2022

Today I’m sharing just a few of the things that I’ve been loving this winter!

Nature Valley Crunch Granola Snack Mix

I grabbed a bag of Nature Valley Crunch Granola Snack Mix while we were traveling home from Florida. Much like Nature Valley’s chewy nut bars, the crunch mix is sweet while still being fairly healthy. I picked up a box of the snack-size bags, which is what I’ve linked, when we got home.

Wonderful pistachios

I also first tried the Wonderful honey-roasted pistachios while we were in Florida. As someone who never gets tired of salty/sweet foods, it’s pretty much the perfect snack. I also like the barbecue flavor. I’m sure that at some point, I’ll try the other flavors. But I haven’t gotten past these two flavors yet.

Butter lettuce

I’m big on bagged/boxed lettuce blends because they’re just so easy. I eat a lot more salad when I keep them on hand. I’ve rotated through a few different varieties over the years. The Fresh Express sweet butter lettuce is my favorite right now.

Oui yogurt

I tried Oui yogurt because we’re always searching for new coffee yogurt flavors. Chobani remains my favorite, but it’s become harder to find. Oui and Brown Cow coffee flavors are good alternatives.

And yes, as evidenced by Monday’s Oui yogurt sheet music votives, I’ve gone down a rabbit hole looking for craft project ideas for the jars. I have a few other projects in the works as well.

Tiramisu wafers

I’ve eaten this type of wafer cookie many times before but never tiramisu flavor. Of course, I had to try the Loacker Quadratini tiramisu wafer cookies, and now I’m hooked. I know that these cookies don’t look like much. But they’re so addictive. It’s the perfect “just a little something” treat after lunch or dinner.

Roasted peanut oil

I picked up roasted peanut oil after Jessica of How Sweet Eats mentioned it in one of her recent favorites posts. I haven’t stopped using it since – on salads, on cooked veggies, to finish Ramen noodles, etc. I’ve been on a huge sesame oil kick for a couple of years now. Having peanut oil in the rotation is so good.

American Eagle black jeans

American Eagle pants fit me better than any other brand. and they’re one of the few places that consistently has low-rise cuts, which is a huge plus. I’ve talked before about how I have worn (and still am wearing, to be honest) the dark jeans look kind of to death and am always looking for other alternatives. They actually have a pair of skinny black jeans without any crazy rips or fading. Of course, now, it’s mostly sold out. But it’s very likely that they’ll bring back something similar in the near future.

Old Navy underwear

Who else is so stoked that Old Navy brought back underwear? It’s just as good as before, possibly even better. They have such a good selection of colors and prints. It’s not all cutesy stuff.

N0-show belt

I’m really not a fan of wearing belts. But I love this super-slim JASGOOD no-show belt. And it’s so much easier to adjust preciously than the traditional holes design you see in most belts.

Good Clean Fun

Nick Offerman’s Good Clean Fun is by far the best audiobook I’ve listened to in months. I blew through it in between a couple of much longer audiobooks and was honestly sad when it ended. I loved Offerman’s first two books as well as the book that he wrote with his wife Megan Mullally. Good Clean Fun is just as good. It’s very much in the same vein as Adam Savage’s Every Tool’s a Hammer, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Miracle and Wonder

It’s not a secret that I’ve been a huge Paul Simon fan my entire life. I also love Malcolm Gladwell. Miracle and Wonder is every bit as good as you’d expect. I always enjoy this sort of commentary/exploration on the creative process, and it doesn’t get any better than Paul Simon.

Stainless steel razor handle

I desperately needed to replace my razor handle. The Venus stainless steel version was very well-rated, so I tried it. I can’t even believe the difference. The weight of it is just so good. I’m hopeful that it will hold up better than the plastic version, too.

Weleda Skin Food

Weleda Skin Food is not a new product for me. But it is saving my hands again this winter. I’ve always struggled with dry hands in the winter. It’s been worse than ever the past couple of years. Kiehl’s helps so much during the months that it isn’t so dry. I need something stronger in the winter. Weleda Skin Food helps tremendously.

Matte nail polish finish

I’m in shock that it took me so long to try a matte finish for nail polish, as I love all things matte finish. It’s just as good as you would expect. I really only have time to do pedicures right now. But I’m so excited to use it for manicures as well at some point.

Antique book tissue holder

I got a new desk this fall. I’d ditched having my own tissue box in my office when Tommy was little because he’d just make a big mess of them. I was way overdue to get a real holder. I love the aesthetic of the antique book tissue holder, especially because I finally created proper storage in my office for a ton of my vintage books.

Lysol laundry sanitizer

I actually bought the Lysol laundry sanitizer because I was looking for something to help our towels, especially bathroom towels, smell better. I’ve washed them constantly the last couple of years. Running a vinegar cycle first hasn’t been enough. Lysol has definitely been an improvement. If you’re concerned about killing germs on work clothes, school clothes, etc. as well, I would definitely give it a try.

Spray Goo Gone

The spray Goo Gone is by far the best application for the product that I’ve seen. As I’ve been taking off a ton of labels from Oui yogurt and baby food jars lately, I’ve been using it almost every day and couldn’t be happier with it.

Honda Pilot

Finally, this fall, in preparation for having three kids, I got a Honda Pilot. I’d been driving a Toyota RAV4 the past seven years and loved it so much. I would have kept driving it at least a couple more years with two kids. But there’s no way you can fit three car seats in the back. So, after a lot of research, we got a Pilot.

A month after buying the Pilot, we drove to Florida. For three weeks there, we drove it nearly an hour a day or more going to and from the hospital, picking up takeout, doing activities with the kids, taking care of things for the adoption, etc.

I’ve never driven a new car so much the first couple of months. If there were things about it that we didn’t like or that didn’t work well, they would have become apparent quickly. But everything has been great, including the car seat arrangement.

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