20 Creative Holiday Photography Ideas

20 Creative Holiday Photography Ideas

This Christmas season take on a new challenge or simply have a little fun with your camera with 20 creative holiday photography ideas!

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1. Christmas light shape bokeh

Shape bokeh is a classic for the holidays. In my opinion, it’s not overdone and never gets old. If you own a prime lens, you have to try shape bokeh. I always go for a star shape at Christmas, but don’t feel limited to this option.

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2. Kids in front of the Christmas tree with bokeh background

You’ll wow your entire family with a stellar photo of your kids in front of the decorated Christmas tree, blurred as a beautiful bokeh background. Practice with a doll or stuffed animal so that you can get the shot of your kids in just a few takes.

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3. Kids sitting in Christmas lights

How adorable is a baby or young child sitting among colorful or bright white Christmas lights? You can position the kiddos behind holiday lights or keep the background plain.

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4. Pets dressed up for Christmas

I’m not above dressing up pets for the holidays even though I have a kid now. Pet holiday photos are adorable and make a fun addition to the family Christmas card.

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5. Reflection in an ornament

When executed well, a scene in reflection, as opposed to a scene straight on, adds visual interest to a composition. Of course, a Christmas scene in reflection is a natural choice. But you may be able to create a funny, ironic, or just unique image of a non-Christmas scene in an ornament reflection.

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6. Still life Christmas light experimentation

I love playing around with Christmas lights for different holidays. Light strands are inexpensive and available in so many different colors. For the above image, I wrapped a strand of green lights around a clear glass milk bottle and placed it in front of the Christmas tree.

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7. Candy canes forming a heart

Two candy canes forming a heart is such a sweet pose for a kid or a couple. I love the idea of including this type of shot in a holiday engagement shoot. When you’re taking a picture of a couple, have them stand back, so the candy canes and hands are in focus with the rest of the image blurred, such as this example in Style Me Pretty.

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8. Family action shots (i.e., baking cookies, picking out a Christmas tree)

Instead of trying to create a perfect posed moment, get a few shots of an activity you always enjoy during the holiday season. Professional photographers are happy to capture these moments in the desired location of your choosing.

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9. Holding letters or a sign

There are so many fun holiday letter/sign tutorials as well as pre-made letters/signs for purchase. Bring along a sign to your family photoshoot or make one for an impromptu session at home with your kids.

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10. Snuggled under a blanket

When you’re taking family or couples pictures in an outdoor location, and you know it’ll be chilly, bring a blanket. It’ll make for a few cozy shots.

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11. Nativity figures or other miniatures in front of the Christmas tree/bokeh lights background

I love creating scenes with small figures for different holidays and seasons. I purchased the above nativity set here and will be using the image I created with it for our Christmas card this year.

20 Creative Holiday Photo Ideas - Christmas Scene in Reflection by Tim Mossholder via Pexels | https://www.roseclearfield.com


12. A Christmas scene in reflection

Capturing a scene in reflection adds visual interest to the composition. You may wish to capture the full scene with the reflection or just the reflection.

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13. Alternatively, create a Christmas or winter scene in reflection with a LensBall or similar reflection piece

A Lensball is an ideal photography tool to mix up your regular routine. Bring it along on your holiday excursions and experiment with a few shots.

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14. Reading a holiday book together

Choose a favorite holiday book and stage a shot with the kids curled up in bed, on the couch, or in a favorite outdoor spot.

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15. Kid bringing home a Christmas tree on a Cozy Coupe car

I am a sucker for the iconic Cozy Coupe and think that this is just about the cutest kid Christmas image you can create.

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16. Blow snow or glitter

Yes, the blowing snow or glitter shot is a little overdone, partly because it’s so easy to create this effect in Photoshop (and pretty simple to create in real life, too). However, I think it’s still a sweet shot for the holidays.

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17. At your favorite outdoor lights display or other holiday display

A beautiful local lights display is the perfect excuse to bring your camera. Again, there’s something so special about capturing your family enjoying one of your favorite activities during the holidays.

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18. Wrapped in Christmas lights

Getting wrapped up in Christmas lights makes for a bit of a corny shot, yes, but it’s fun for the holidays.

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19. Write with light

Gather a group of friends to draw a Christmas tree or write the new year or a new year’s intention with flashlights or sparklers. If you’re new to long exposure writing, watch Toby’s tutorial.

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20. Re-create a retro holiday scene

Nothing brings out a little nostalgia like a retro holiday recreation.

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20 Creative Holiday Photography Ideas

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