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How to Increase Your Reach and Visibility on Pinterest

How to Increase Your Reach and Visibility on Pinterest |

Learning how to increase your reach and visibility on Pinterest is one of the most effective strategies for building your blog. If you have any type of visual-heavy lifestyle blog (i.e., DIY, food, fashion), Pinterest is critical for achieving success. Creating engaging evergreen content with killer images is a great start. Once you have even a small selection of posts to promote, you’re ready to start finetuning them for Pinterest and maximizing your efforts on Pinterest.

Over the past couple of years, I have grown my Pinterest reach to over a million monthly. I receive hundreds, if not thousands, of referrals to my blog from Pinterest daily. While there is always a bit of luck, this level of success is not a coincidence. I’m sharing my top strategies to increase your reach and visibility on Pinterest.

10 Ways to Improve an Old Blog Post

10 Ways to Improve an Old Blog Post |

Why take the time to improve an old blog post?

You spent a lot of time, and sometimes a lot of money, creating blog posts. You want them to do well. It’s always more fun to create new content than go back and work on old content. But your old content is really valuable. Instead of letting great posts get lost in the cracks, make it a priority to improve them, so they keep generating consistent traffic and income.

2017 Goals Summary #4: Photo Editing and Backing Up

I set some really ambitious 2017 goals for myself. I posted regular monthly updates for my goals through May and then continued to work on the goals through the remaining seven months of 2017. I’m sharing my overall outcome with my 2017 goals before sharing my 2018 goals.

Goal #4 was to edit, export, and back up all of my 2015 and 2016 photos. I went into 2017 with a huge backlog of photos in Lightroom. I was way overdue to get caught up on editing and clean up my Lightroom catalog. I also wanted to make room on my hard drive for photos from our 2017 Europe trip. Although I didn’t spell out a goal for new photo editing, exporting, and backing up (aka keeping up with 2017 photos), keeping up was part of this goal.