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2017 Goals Summary #4: Photo Editing and Backing Up

I set some really ambitious 2017 goals for myself. I posted regular monthly updates for my goals through May and then continued to work on the goals through the remaining seven months of 2017. I’m sharing my overall outcome with my 2017 goals before sharing my 2018 goals.

Goal #4 was to edit, export, and back up all of my 2015 and 2016 photos. I went into 2017 with a huge backlog of photos in Lightroom. I was way overdue to get caught up on editing and clean up my Lightroom catalog. I also wanted to make room on my hard drive for photos from our 2017 Europe trip. Although I didn’t spell out a goal for new photo editing, exporting, and backing up (aka keeping up with 2017 photos), keeping up was part of this goal.

The Ultimate Work at Home Bundle

The Ultimate Work at Home Bundle...over 50 resources at 98% off for part-time bloggers to full-time Etsy shop owners and beyond! |
The Ultimate Work at Home Bundle is available June 7-12, 2017! Before I get into the full details about the work at home bundle, let me give you a little background about my personal experiences with Ultimate Bundles. I purchased my first bundle, an ultimate photography bundle, at least two years ago. It was well before I started this blog or had any plans to promote Ultimate Bundles. I bought it because it included Tasty Food Photography, and as a result, Lindsay was promoting the bundle. For the price I paid for the entire bundle, I could have bought Tasty Food Photography and maybe 1-2 more ebooks at full price. Instead, I got over 20 ebooks as well as tons of other photography goodies including textures, presets, and discount codes. I’m still working my way through all of these materials.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog with Flipboard

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog With Flipboard |

Flipboard is an often overlooked but very powerful platform for increasing traffic to your blog. The program compiles content from news feeds, blogs, social media sites, photo sharing sites, and more, and then presents it to users in a magazine format in which they can “flip” through the articles, photos, and videos. Users also have the option to like content and save it in their own magazines.

If you’re looking for another platform to share your blog that’s easy to use and requires just a minute or so of your time each day, I highly recommend checking out Flipboard and learning how to drive more traffic to your blog with Flipboard.

Pinterest 201 for Bloggers: Grow Your Blog With Optimized Pin Images

Pinterest 201 for Bloggers: Grow Your Blog With Optimized Pin Images |

In my Facebook groups for bloggers: Pinterest sharing tips (aka Pinterest 101 for bloggers), I covered the following tips.

  • Select a high-quality, vertical image
  • Include a URL and an SEO-optimized description
  • Don’t use all capital letters
  • Choose an easy-to-read font
  • Don’t share the same pin multiple days in a row
  • Don’t share the same pin across multiple groups in the same day
  • Limit sharing pins about starting a blog and other basic blogging tips
  • Limit product pinning
  • Share your pin in the morning

I am not a Pinterest expert. I am not a photography expert. I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about creating killer pins with optimized pin images. But I have seen significant results during the past six months of concentrated effort to grow this blog, which includes creating high-quality pins with optimized pin images for the vast majority of my posts.

Facebook Groups for Bloggers: Pinterest Sharing Tips

Facebook Groups for Bloggers: Pinterest Sharing Tips |

It’s no secret that Facebook groups for bloggers are an ideal way to increase your exposure while networking with other bloggers. If you aren’t already part of at least a couple of blogging Facebook groups, I highly recommend finding a few to join. Once you’ve joined Facebook groups for bloggers, it’s important to follow the rules (which will vary from one group to the next) and share the best content you can to maximize its reach.

I do participate in several Facebook groups on a daily basis. In these groups, I see a lot of bloggers sharing fabulous pins that I know are going to perform well on a long-term basis. However, also see a lot of bloggers sharing mediocre pins that other group members don’t even want to pin. Steering clear of these common errors and adhering to best Pinterest sharing tips will significantly extend the rich of the blog content you’ve worked so hard to create.