Kids’ Valentine’s Day Treat Bag Ideas

Kids’ Valentine’s Day treat bag ideas will help you put together fun goodie bags for your children’s classmates!

Kids' Valentine's Day Treat Bag Ideas

I love creating treat bags for my kids’ classroom parties. My son has played with novelty glasses and little trinkets that he’s received in treat bags and as party favors as much as some of his favorite birthday and Christmas presents. I have fun paying it forward and putting together small present bags for his classmates. I look forward to making treat bags for my girls’ classes in future years as well.

Do you include candy in your holiday treat bags?

For classroom parties, typically, I don’t include candy in the treat bags. Kids have cupcakes, cookies, and other treats as part of the classroom parties and are getting lots of candy as part of the holiday. You certainly can include candy or other small food treats in your treat bags if you like.

Kids' Valentine's Day Treat Bag Ideas

Treat bags

Cellophane treat bags are a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to package treat bags for classroom parties, neighborhood gatherings, and other holiday events. I like to purchase holiday-themed treat bags. But any clear cellophane treat bags work well. Make sure that you purchase bags that are large enough to fit your items. As I normally include funny glasses, pencils, or other tall items, I like to purchase treat bags that are at least 10 inches tall.

Kids' Valentine's Day Treat Bag Ideas

Note from sender

I always create some sort of little note for my classroom treat bags. As treat bags are my project, not my kids’ project, I don’t require them to sign and/or hand address each note with the recipient’s name. I create my notes in Photoshop, but you can easily make them in Microsoft Word, Canva, or even a note app on your phone.

For Halloween and Christmas, I put the note right in the bag. For Valentine’s Day, I put the note in an envelope and write the recipient’s name on it. I send the Valentines separately so that they can go right into mailboxes, etc.

Kids' Valentine's Day Treat Bag Ideas

Here are the exact items that I put in this year’s Valentine’s Day treat bags. In future years, most likely, I will switch it up a little bit, so the exact same classmates are not getting the exact same items.

Heart-shaped sticky notes

Kids have so much fun leaving each other little heart-shaped sticky notes with cute messages and drawings.


Since I included the sticky notes, I included pencils as well. I went with the old-school, non-sharpening stackable pencils, which are fun and, most likely, not something that kids will get from anyone else. There are lots of bulk Valentine’s Day pencils available as well, which are always a solid choice.

Mochi squishy toys

Mochi squish toys are so cute and available for every holiday and in lots of other fun themes, too. The Valentine’s Day mochi squishy toys set is so cute.

Drinking straws

Getting a colored drinking straw or any straw that bends at a restaurant or party makes my kids so happy. Colorful bendy heart straws make every drink more fun.

Heart sunglasses

My son has received funny glasses for several holidays and in birthday party gift bags. All of my kids fight over them and insist on taking tons of pictures in their glasses. So they’re a regular holiday feature now. I love these red heart-shaped sunglasses for Valentine’s Day. They come in lots of different colors.


For treat bags, I like to purchase sticker rolls, like heart sticker rolls, and then cut a strip with three or four stickers for each kid. Sticker sheets work well, too, especially for larger treat bags or as individual party favors.

Here are a few additional items that I love for kids’ Valentine’s Day treat bags and will use in future years.


This year I included Play-Doh in Halloween and Christmas treat bags, so I didn’t for Valentine’s Day. But I will definitely bring it back in future years. I put Play-Doh in our bowl for trick-or-treaters as well, and it’s a huge hit, even among middle schoolers and high schoolers.

Temporary tattoos

My kids get so excited about temporary tattoos. You can find them for all different holidays and interests. I’m linking heart temporary tattoos for Valentine’s Day.

Fidget toys/keychains

My kids absolutely love getting fidget toys and keychains, even tiny ones, as little rewards or stocking stuffers. Similar to Play-Doh, I skipped fidget toys for Valentine’s Day because I’d already done them a couple of times this year. But I love the pop-it heart keychains and will include them in future bags.

Stress balls

I decided to go with the mochi squishy toys for my treat bags and thought that the heart-shaped stress balls were too similar to include both items. But I love the stress balls, too, and know that they will be a hit for future Valentine’s Day bags.


Bubbles are another one of my go-to party favors for classroom events and birthday parties. I love mini bubble wands for treat bags. Once they’re done, they’re done, and can be tossed, and if the bubble solution spills, it’s okay because it’s such a small amount.

Mini slinkies

While mini slinkies don’t work as well as big slinkies, they’re less expensive and don’t get tangled nearly as easily.

Glider airplanes

Glider airplanes are one of my favorite stocking stuffers for kids and adults. At some point, I will put them in rotation for classroom party bags.

Tic tac toe keychains

Tic tac toe keychains are so cute. I love the X and O theme for Valentine’s Day, but you shouldn’t feel limited to this option. There are lots of different colors available, including a red X and heart set.

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Kids' Valentine's Day Treat Bag Ideas

Do you create kids’ Valentine’s Day treat bags for class parties and other special events?

I’d love to hear about your go-to party favors and other favorite Valentine’s Day items!

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Easy Ideas for Kids' Valentine's Day Treat Bags

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