Milwaukee Events: The Holiday Edition

Milwaukee Events: November 2018 |

I haven’t been keeping up with my Milwaukee events posts lately. Frankly, they haven’t done as well as I hoped they would, and I’ve had other priorities on the blog this year. But my November posts always do well with people looking up holiday event information. So I’m bringing it back to give you all the details on fun holiday festivities in the greater Milwaukee area this year.

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China Lights 2018

China Lights 2018, Boerner Botanical Gardens, Wisconsin |

Yes, China Lights returned to Milwaukee for a third run of the show! I was so excited when they brought the show to the Boerner Botanical Gardens for the first time in 2016. I never expected that we’d get a second, much less a third, run of it. But China Lights continues to be a regular fall feature at the gardens. Due to its ongoing extreme popularity, I would be surprised if it doesn’t stick around for good now.

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A Milwaukee Memorial Day Tradition

Memorial Day at the VA 2018 |

I hope that everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We had gorgeous weather here in southeast WI, Jake didn’t have to work, and we got to spent a lot of time with family and friends, enjoying good conversation, delicious food, and beautiful scenery.

All of that aside, one of my favorite things to do on Memorial Day weekend is visit Wood National Cemetery adjacent to the VA grounds in Milwaukee. There is nothing like seeing thousands of flags lined up along the graves to remember exactly what Memorial Day means.

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Summer Memories: June Milwaukee Instagram Meetup

In the craziness of going to Europe, having a staycation with friends, and then adopting Tommy, there are a few major events from the summer that I documented but never shared. I started to regain the energy and focus to spend more than a few minutes at a time editing photos when Tommy was about 2.5 months old. Now at almost five months old, I’m still going through photos and writing not very timely events posts. I’m still excited to share them with you.

As I mentioned when I shared my first summer 2017 meetup post, after several years of following Instagram meetup accounts, I made it to two meetups this summer. The second meetup was in Milwaukee, and I’m sharing those photos today.

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China Lights 2017

China Lights 2017, Milwaukee, WI |

Continuing my timely summer and fall 2017 in Milwaukee posts, I’m finally sharing pictures from this year’s China Lights at the Boerner Botanical Gardens, which ran in October. China Lights 2016 was amazing and honestly not an event I thought they’d bring back. I just thought it would be a one time thing, and then they’d move it to another city, you know? But they did bring it back and better than ever with tons of new displays. I knew that we had to make it a priority to attend, even with the craziness of finding a sitter or bringing Tommy.

Tommy did go with us and had a blast, despite the cold and crazy crowds. The crowds in the exhibit actually weren’t too bad, the parking situation at the gardens is just nuts. If they do run it again, most likely I’d go by myself on a weeknight at a later time (8:00 or so). We still had a lot of fun and really enjoyed all of the displays.

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