25 Useful Gift Ideas for Mom on Amazon

Useful Gift Ideas for Mom on Amazon

Shopping for moms who already have everything is always the hardest.

I know what you’re thinking. I just paired down my 50 gift ideas for Mom on Amazon list to the 25 most useful gift ideas for Mom. While there are a few repeat gifts because some gift ideas are just that good, for the most part, this is a brand new gift guide. Now you have nearly 75 gift ideas for Mom, all available on Amazon. You’re set for Christmas shopping as well as Mother’s Day and birthdays for all the moms in your life for the whole year ahead.

1. Foldable reusable grocery bags

Foldable reusable grocery bags are adorable and fold down to practically nothing, making it easy to keep them stashed in your purse or car. With a set of six, you’re set for all of your reusable shopping bag needs. They offer over a dozen sets, all with different colors and designs.

2. Sharpty inverted umbrella

I love the idea of the Sharpty inverted umbrella. It gives you the ability to close your umbrella inside out, greatly reducing the amount of water that you get everywhere. The design is also supposed to be more durable and still folds up compactly for easy storage. It’s available in more than two dozen designs, and I sort of want all of them.

3. Burt’s Bees gift set

You know that I’m a bit of a hand cream junkie, as I have extremely dry hands in the winter. Burt’s Bees is one of my top picks for dry skin, especially dry hands. I love this Burt’s Bees classic gift set as a holiday present or Mother’s Day gift. It includes six products with something for everyone. The Burt’s Bees essential kit and tips and toes kit are great, too.

4. Mydethun moon lamp

The Mydenthun moon lamp is so gorgeous. I love soft lighting in the morning and evenings and would be so excited to receive this lamp to use in my bedroom or home office. You can cycle through multiple colors and control the brightness level.

5. Clean/dirty dishwasher slider

The clean/dirty dishwasher slider magnet ensures you and your family members will always know if the dishes are clean or dirty. Simply flip the switch as needed to eliminate guesswork, frustration, and unnecessary blame.

6. Inspiratek reusable silicone food bags

Reusable silicone food bags are perfect for moms who do lots of meal prep and cooking, are constantly on the go with little kids, and/or who pack lunches on a regular basis. You get the storage you need while creating a lot less waste. The set I’ve linked here includes bags in two different sizes.

7. Vimdiff magnifying makeup mirror with lights

I can’t even believe the low price point on this magnifying makeup mirror with lights. It will make getting ready easier in virtually any bathroom space, both at home and while traveling. It’s small and easily portable with a suction cup base, so you can attach it to any surface. I love that it includes both lights and magnification.

8. Savvy Infusion fruit infuser water bottle

There is a wealth of fruit infuser bottles on the market. I like the Savvy Infusion bottle because it’s available in two sizes – 24 and 32 oz. Personally, I find the 24 oz. size to be much more versatile, and it’s hard to find this size for fruit infuser bottles. For moms who are committed to drinking lots of water on the go, a fruit infuser bottle is an easy way to mix up the routine.

9. Drive Auto hanging trash can

Once you start driving around with kids, a hanging trash can is a necessity for the car. It makes it much easier to keep general trash items from cluttering up the car (i.e., granola bar wrappers, water bottles) and to stay motivated to pick up stray crackers and other miscellaneous items.

10. BEAKey makeup blender sponge sets

If you use foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, or other similar makeup items that require large blender brushes or sponges, a makeup blender sponge set is always a welcome gift. As you use them up, it’s nice to get a new stash once or twice a year.

11. BALORAY lunch bag

When you’re on the go with small children, it’s nice to have a durable, stylish lunch bag for yourself, such as the BALORAY lunch bag. You’ll end up using it for meals and snacks at the zoo, at the pool, for running errands, etc. Like many of the useful gift ideas for Mom I’m featuring here, I love the range of colors and styles available for these lunch bags.

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12. Kodak digital film scanner

I know, most moms today aren’t shooting film. But many of us inherit piles of old film from parents, grandparents, and other relatives who did shoot exclusively film for years. A Kodak digital film scanner makes the process of converting film negatives and slides in a variety of sizes easy and affordable.

13. Mellani bed sheet set

Bed sheets may not seem like a very exciting gift. But a good set of sheets, like Mellani bed sheets, is something you’ll appreciate every single day. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better quality sheets at this price point. They offer several dozen colors and patterns in sizes from twin to California king, including split king.

14. JOYEBUY women’s foldable straw hat

A foldable straw hat is a must-have summer accessory for long days at the park, pool, and beach. It’s perfect for vacations as well. You get the sun coverage you need while still wearing a stylish hat that folds to take up virtually no space in a bag.

15. Simplehouseware over the door organizer

When you live in a small house or are simply pressed for storage space, over the door organizers are lifesavers. Keep closets, pantries, bedrooms, and more organized with ease. I love that this Simplehouseware over the door organizer has clear pockets, so you can see everything that’s in it.

16. Mini fan

We have the VersionTECH mini fan I’ve linked below, which I actually bought for my toddler son who’s obsessed with fans. It’s surprisingly powerful for such a little fan, has three speeds, and has solid battery life. You can recharge it via USB cable, which is always a plus. I love the Aluan handheld fan as well for occasions on the go when you want a fan that’s even smaller.

17. Travelambo women’s wallet

I absolutely love the design of the Travelambo women’s wallet and will definitely be purchasing one the next time I need a new wallet. The design is so compact and functional. I can’t believe how many cards you can fit in such a slim design and that the pockets are even large enough for a small cell phone.

18. Large reversible wooden cutting board

I’m crazy about my wooden cutting boards and can’t recommend them enough to anyone who cooks on a regular basis. The Sonders Los Angeles thick acacia wood cutting board is one of the pricer items in this list but well worth it. With proper care, a good wooden cutting board will last you for years.

19. Mantova garlic extra virgin olive oil

I’m a huge fan of Mantova oils and find their garlic extra virgin olive oil to be especially versatile. It’s my go-to olive oil for roasted vegetables and skillet potatoes and basically any recipe that will benefit from an extra hit of garlic. For gift giving, either of their olive oil variety packs and their balsamic vinegar pack are also perfect.

20. Ivenf compact purse mirror

How gorgeous is the Ivenf rose golden castle and flower square vintage compact purse mirror? No one will believe the price point or that it came from Amazon. It’s such an elegant little piece that you’ll enjoy pulling out of your purse every single time you need a quick check or make-up touchup.

21. ARITA sewing kit

Even when you’re not much of a sewer, it’s extremely helpful to have an all-purpose sewing kit on hand. The ARIKA sewing kit has you covered for every kind of quick sewing repair imaginable. I love keeping a selection of threads on hand for random DIY projects as well. This kit fits the bill perfectly for that need as well.

22. DIKAOU LED flame table lamp

I have seen so many cute portable light/music speaker pieces popping up lately, like this DIKAOU LED flame table lamp, and am very excited about the trend. The lamp is perfect for entertaining both indoors and outdoors. I especially like it for an evening gathering on the patio.

23. TOODOO personal alarm

Having a personal alarm with you at all times is always a good idea. Even when you’re in a safe place in the middle of the day, you never know when trouble may occur. The TOODOO personal alarm is small and discreet, making it a simple, potentially life-saving addition to any keychain.

24. OMOTON cell phone stand

The OMOTON cell phone stand is one of those items that you didn’t know you needed. Then you can’t live without it. The stand is durable with an anti-scratch, anti-slip base, ensuring you can use it safely on any surface with phones or small tablets.

25. NanoSteamer facial steamer

The NanoSteamer facial steamer is one of the easiest, most affordable ways you can feel like you’re doing spa treatments right at home. Facial steamers are always promoted as beauty products. They also do wonders for clearing up your sinuses. Head off a cold before it gets bad or take the edge off when allergies are flaring up.

[Disclaimer: The product links in this post are affiliate links. I wasn’t sponsored by Amazon or any other company to promote specific products. Thanks for your support!]

What are your favorite useful gift ideas for Mom?

Are there gifts you give over and over again for Christmas, birthdays, and Mother’s Day? Tell us about your go-to presents for the moms in your life!

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