20 Deep Cleaning Bedroom Tasks [with FREE Printable Checklist!]

20 Ways to Deep Clean Your Bedroom

Having a convenient list of deep cleaning bedroom tasks makes it simple to tackle tough cleaning chores regularly, maintaining a clean, germ-free sleeping space.

With everything happening in the world right now, keeping your home free of germs and bacteria is more important than ever. Take advantage of your extra time at home to tackle deep cleaning bedroom tasks and other deep cleaning household chores that don’t make it to the top of your weekly to-do list most weeks.

I’ve put together a list of the top 20 deep cleaning bedroom tasks to assist you with keeping your sleeping spaces as clean and germ-free as possible. At least once or twice a year, go beyond your regular weekly cleaning chores list and take on a full home deep clean. I share my best cleaning hacks to make deep cleaning as easy and stress-free as possible without using a ton of chemicals.

I highly recommend taking on no more than 1-2 deep cleaning bedroom tasks each day, spreading out the list over a month or so. Depending on your work schedule and other commitments, it may work out better to take on 3-4 tasks on each of the weekend days, reserving the weekdays for daily cleaning tasks. It’s totally up to you. Either way, I suggest spacing out your deep cleaning, so you don’t get overwhelmed and burned out.

At the end of the post, I have a download for a free printable checklist to help you keep track of the deep cleaning bedroom tasks you’ve accomplished.

Throughout this post, I mention microfiber cloths multiple times. I have this set of microfiber cleaning cloths and love it. I like owning a large set, so I always have at least a few clean ones on hand at any given time during the week for various cleaning chores. Simply throw them in the washing machine as they get dirty and run them with your next load. You can also collect them in a basket to run with your towels loads.


20 deep cleaning bedroom tasks

1. Wash the bedding

Wash all of the bedding, including the pillows, pillow liners, comforter, comforter cover, and mattress cover. Housewife How-Tos has a great post about washing your pillows, which includes why you should wash them and how often you should wash them. Allow at least 3-4 washing machine loads to fit everything comfortably.

2. Rotate and clean the mattress

While all of the bedding is off the bed, rotate and clean the mattress. Sleep Happens has a great resource about how often you should flip or rotate your mattress while Architectural Digest has a detailed tutorial about how to clean a mattress in 9 simple steps. The two articles provide everything you need to know about rotating and cleaning your mattress safely.

3. Move the furniture to vacuum

At least once or twice a year, when you vacuum, move the furniture, so that you can vacuum every last inch of floor space and behind the larger furniture items. If the bed is too heavy to move or there isn’t space to move it very far, use a stick vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the way underneath the bed and behind it. I own a very similar stick vac to the one I linked here and love it because it’s so lightweight and easy to maneuver. High-end wireless stick vacs work great, too.

4. Remove cobwebs

While you have your stick vacuum handy, remove the cobwebs that collect in the corners of the ceiling. You can use a regular vacuum attachment for this job, too, if you don’t mind a little more maneuvering with a heavier vacuum cleaner.

Personally, removing cobwebs every thee months or so is sufficient for my house. Depending on the age of your home and your general cleaning habits, you may need to circulate for cobwebs more or less frequently.

5. Vacuum, lander, or dust the window coverings

Hair, dust, and small debris builds up on blinds, curtains, and other window coverings over time. For blinds, run a Swiffer duster or dry microfiber cloth over them. For cloth curtains and other window coverings, use your vacuum attachment to clean them or take down the coverings and wash them in the washing machine. Check the curtain instructions for the best washing and drying procedures.

6. Wipe down and polish the nightstands, dressers, bed frame, and other furniture

Remove all items from the nightstands and dressers, and dust them with a microfiber cleaning cloth or a dry Swiffer. Polish the tops and sides of the furniture pieces with a wood cleaner or all-purpose cleaner of your choosing. Allow the surfaces to dry completely before replacing the items. If you have a wooden bed frame, polish it as well.

7. Clean the windows, mirrors, and picture frames

My preferred cleaning product for glass is regular old Windex. I use a microfiber cloth and Windex for all of our mirrors, windows, and glass picture frames. There are several recipes for homemade glass cleaner if you’d rather use a chemical-free solution. Take the time to wipe all around the frames as well, particularly along the tops, where pet hair and dust often accumulate over time.

8. Clean the window tracks and screens

After you’ve cleaned the window glass, clean the window tracks and screens.

There are two popular cleaning hacks for getting every last bit of filthy window tracks spotless again. The first hack is for the smooth part of the window track, which consists of using Q-tips or an old toothbrush. The Intentional Mom and First Home Love Life share their best tips for this cleaning trick. The second hack is for the ridged part of the window track, which involves using a utility knife to score a sponge. Top Buzz covers this easy trick. Between the two hacks, you’ll be able to eliminate all of the dirt from the window tracks quickly without a lot of scrubbing.

To clean the window screens, use a microfiber cloth with warm soapy water to wipe them down. For best results, take the screens out of the windows before cleaning them. Allow the screens to dry fully before placing them in the windows again.

9. Dust the knick knacks and other small items

Grab a Swiffer duster or microfiber cloth and your preferred duster spray. Wipe down all of the visible surfaces and knick knacks in the bedroom. When you pick up small items to dust them, make sure to dust the surfaces underneath them, too. If you’re steering clear of chemicals in cleaning products, whip up a batch of homemade dusting spray.


10. Dust the light fixtures and lamps

Run a dry Swiffer duster or microfiber cloth over the light fixtures, lamps, and lampshades to remove dust and cobwebs. If the light fixture coverings are especially dirty, wipe them down with a microfiber cloth with warm soapy water or take them off and wash them. Allow the coverings to dry completely before returning them to the fixtures. While you’re cleaning the lamps and light fixtures, replace any burned out bulbs.

11. Dust the ceiling fan

When not in use, ceiling fans get covered in dust, which makes for a nasty surprise when you turn them on again. To dust ceiling fans, I like the pillowcase hack. Cover one fan blade at a time with a clean pillowcase. Use the case to remove dust and other debris. The dirt is now trapped in the pillowcase, which means it won’t spread all over the bedroom during the cleaning process. When you’re finished dusting the ceiling fan, throw the pillowcase in your next washing machine load.

12. Clean the TV, remotes, and other electronics

I use a screen cleaner with a microfiber cloth to clean the TV screen. The product I’m linking here is a clean product. If you prefer, you can make your own screen cleaner. After cleaning the screen, I wipe down the top of the TV with a dry microfiber cloth.

To clean the remotes and other frequently touched electronics, such as phone chargers, wipe them down with an alcohol prep pad. Get in and around the buttons to eliminate as many germs as possible. You can also make your own wipes. Be sure the recipe you’re using contains alcohol.

13. Empty the garbage can

While you’re deep cleaning the bedroom, take an extra minute to empty the garbage can. If you don’t line your garbage can with a plastic bag and it’s getting dirty, wipe it down and let it air dry outside.

14. Wipe down the baseboards

Even when you make the effort to vacuum, mop, or sweep right up to the baseboards on a regular basis, they still get dirty, collecting dust, hair, and other small debris over time. Take a microfiber cloth with warm soapy water, and work your way around all of the baseboards in the bedroom.

15. Wipe down the tops of the door frames

In a similar fashion, even with great cleaning habits, inevitably, you’ll get a small build-up of dust and other dirt on the tops of the door frames. Generally, a dry microfiber cloth works just fine for cleaning the tops of the doorways. If you’re short like me, a small step stool is really helpful for this task.

16. Wipe down the vents

Once a month, run a microfiber cloth or dry paper towel over the heating vents to remove dust and hair. Then clean the vents with a microfiber cloth with warm soapy water.

Two or three times a year, use a vacuum cleaner attachment to suck out as much dirt and hair from the vents as possible.

17. Disinfect the doorknobs and light switches

Doorknobs and light switches are some of the most frequently touched surfaces in the house and should be disinfected regularly. Run a store-bought or homemade disinfecting wipe over the knobs and switches to rid them of dirt and debris and wipe out bacteria and germs. As store-bought wipes remain hard to come by these days, I recommend making your own disinfecting wipes.

18. Organize all media

Go through all of the books, DVDs, and any other media that you store in the bedroom. Work your way through one shelf at a time. Using a dry microfiber cloth, wipe down the shelves and then the items themselves before placing the ones that you want to keep back on the shelves. Make a pile of items to sell or donate. Relocate media you no longer want in the bedroom to other areas of the house.

19. Organize the dresser drawers

Work your way through each dresser drawer one at a time. Take all of the items out of the drawer. Wipe down the inside of the drawer. Organize the items as you put them back in the drawer. If you have large drawers or drawers with lots of smaller items that are tough to keep orderly, consider purchasing drawer organizers. As you go through your dressers, make a pile of items to sell or donate.

20. Organize the closets

Organizing the closet(s) is probably the biggest organization task for the bedroom. You may want to spread out this chore alone over a few days or devote a few hours in an afternoon to it when you aren’t tackling other deep cleaning. Start with the hanging clothes. Then work your way through the shoes, shelves, boxes, bins, and other storage areas of the closet. Just as you did with the dresser drawers, make piles of items to donate and throw away.

Deep Cleaning Bedroom Tasks Checklist

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20 Deep Cleaning Bedroom Tasks

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