Free Vintage Beginner Latin Textbook Pages and Illustrations

First Latin Lessons Pg. 52 Preview

Vintage beginner Latin textbook pages and illustrations are an amazing resource for Latin teachers and classics professors. They’re also perfect for anyone who enjoys vintage books and illustrations and is always looking for new resources for art/junk journals, collages, DIY projects, and more.

Vintage beginner Latin textbook pages and illustrations are ideal for a wide variety of classroom materials, including but not limited to, worksheets, tests, syllabi, study guides, websites, and digital presentations. Antique book pages and hand-drawn illustrations are also great for numerous DIY projects, such as journaling, mixed media, greeting cards, decoupage, and home decor.

Many of you already know that I love the aesthetic of vintage books, including dictionaries, hymn books, and textbooks. The format of vintage textbooks isn’t anything like the format of modern textbooks. Antique textbooks also contain a wealth of hand-drawn illustrations, again, unlike anything you see today.

I’ve created printables for 24 full vintage Latin textbook pages, with separate 8×10 formats for a select number of pages, intended specifically for wall art. I’ve also made 13 hand-drawn black and white illustrations, four full-color illustrations, and five Latin language hymns available separately. Enjoy!

How to use vintage book pages and illustrations

I know that most people have arrived at a vintage beginner Latin textbook pages and illustrations post because they’re looking for specific classroom or craft project resources. If you’re just searching for inspiration or looking for additional ideas for your new printables, think about one or more of the following projects.

  • Classroom materials. Antique textbook pages and illustrations are perfect additions to a wide range of classroom materials, including worksheets, tests, syllabi, study guides, bulletin boards, and digital presentations. They also make great classroom wall art.
  • DIY wall art. For classics enthusiasts as well as anyone who enjoys the look of vintage books and illustrations, Latin textbook printables are ideal for one-of-a-kind wall decor projects. The pages and illustrations look great on their own for living rooms, home offices, and more. You can also overlay virtually any PNG or transparent background image onto an old book page to create easy, unique wall art.
  • Greeting cards. Vintage book pages make gorgeous backgrounds for an extensive variety of handmade greeting cards. I especially love this concept for teacher thank you cards, particularly Latin and classics teachers and professors. Hand-drawn black and white and full-color illustrations also make great backgrounds and decorative components for homemade cards.
  • Glass or bottle cap magnets, using the technique that I perfected for my sheet music glass magnets. You can also use this method to make glass pendant necklaces.
  • Art/junk journals or mixed media art. Layer paint, ink, stamps, and more over antique book pages to create art and junk journal pages or mixed media art pieces.
  • Tile coasters, using the technique that I developed for my vintage sheet music botanical coasters. You can leave the pages as is or overlay them with quotes or illustrations.
  • Scrapbooking. Vintage book pages make whimsical backgrounds for both physical and digital scrapbooks. Old book pages are also perfect for DIY scrapbook embellishments.

About the free printable textbook pages and illustrations

I’ve created the following kinds of printables for you.

  • Original ratio full book pages. The original ratio pages are exactly as I saved them after I scanned and edited them. You get full control over exactly how you’d like to crop and format the pages for any given project.
  • 8×10 format pages, with and without borders. I’ve made 8×10 versions of select book pages for easy wall decor. I’ve made versions both with and without borders to cater to different types of frames and aesthetic preferences.
  • Illustrations. The beginner Latin textbook contains a number of wonderful black and white and full-color illustrations, which are perfect for small-scale artwork and can be used for all sorts of classroom materials and craft projects.
  • Hymns. The textbook contains a few Latin language-only hymns.

The vintage beginner Latin textbook pages and illustrations are for personal use only. You’re welcome to download and print them as many times as you like, including for classroom use. Please don’t distribute the download files or folders directly. If friends, family, and co-workers would like their own printables, please send them a link to this post. Thank you!

First Latin Lessons Full Pages Collage

Original format full book pages

The original format full book pages are exactly as I save the pages after uploading and editing them. They give you maximum control for cropping and formatting the pages as you need them for various classroom materials and DIY projects. There are 24 pages in total. I’ve split them into two ZIP folders for easier downloading.

The collection of book pages includes grammar lessons, reading lessons, reading exercises, a list of Latin prefixes, familiar Latin phrases, verb declensions, supplemental Latin readings, and dictionary pages.

>> [Full Latin Textbook Book Pages – Original Format – Complete Set Part 1] <<

>> [Full Latin Textbook Book Pages – Original Format – Complete Set Part 2] <<

First Latin Lessons 8x10 Collage

8×10 format pages

Antique textbook pages in 8×10 format are ready to print for quick, one-of-a-kind wall art. I’ve made versions with and without borders. Depending on the look you’re going for and the frame you select for your art, you may prefer one version over the other. I’ve made eight pages available in 8×10 format. If you are interested in additional pages from the full book pages set, let me know! I’m happy to provide them.

>> [Full Latin Textbook Pages – 8×10 With No Borders] <<

>> [Full Latin Textbook Pages – 8×10 With Borders] <<

First Latin Lessons Black and White Illustrations Blog Preview

Black and white illustrations

One of my favorite parts of so many vintage textbooks is the black and white illustrations. You just don’t find anything like it today. Even when there are black and white illustrations, they’re digital as opposed to hand-drawn. These illustrations are perfect for classroom worksheets, tests, and presentations as well as general artwork.

This beginner Latin textbook includes 13 black and white hand-drawn illustrations, which are as follows: manner of wearing the toga, Roman children at play, Roman coins, Roman farmer with plow, Roman helmets, Roman javelins, Roman lamps, Roman seal rings, Roman spoon and bowl, Roman standards, Roman sword and scabbard, Roman writing materials, and The Capitoline Hill (restoration). The above image is a preview of just a few of these illustrations

I’m offering the black and white illustrations in two different forms. The first is a ZIP folder with all of the illustrations in original size. It gives you the most creative control to crop and format the illustrations as you like for different projects. The second is a ZIP folder with three 8.5″ x 11″ pages containing all of the illustrations. It gives you the easiest means of printing the illustrations.

>> [Latin Textbook Black and White Illustrations – Original Size] <<

>> [Latin Textbook Black and White Illustrations – 8.5″ x 11″ Pages] <<

First Latin Lessons Full Color Illustrations Collage

Full-color illustrations

While most of the illustrations in the beginner Latin textbook are black and white, there are four full color illustrations as well. These images depict the following scenes: a farm scene, a Roman harbor, a Roman road, and a street scene in Rome.

I’ve formatted the full-color illustrations to 4″ x 6″ for easy printing and framing. They make wonderful classroom illustrations and can be used for numerous classroom purposes, including worksheets, tests, and presentations.

>> [Vintage Latin Textbook – Full-Color Illustrations] <<

Latin hymns

First Latin Lessons Hymns Collage

While the beginner Latin textbook is mostly Latin lessons, it contains a small selection of Latin language-only hymns. The book features the following hymns: Adeste Fideles, Domina Maria, America (actually My Country, ‘Tis of Thee), Integer Vitae, and Horner Jacculo. The page containing Domina Maria and the last lines of Adeste Fideles is not pictured. Like the full textbook lesson pages, in addition to the original format pages, I’ve created 8×10 versions with and without borders that are ideal for framing purposes.

>> [Original Ratio – Latin Hymns Set] <<

>> [8×10 with No Borders – Latin Hymns Set] <<

>> [8×10 with White Borders – Latin Hymns Set] <<

Extracting and downloading the full ZIP folders

I’ve created ZIP folders for all of the vintage beginner Latin textbook pages and illustrations. Zipped folders enable me to provide high-resolution images easily while protecting said images from potential theft. Extracting and downloading ZIP folders is a simple, straightforward process. Please note that it takes a bit of time to get each folder downloaded, particularly the full page sets.

  • When you click on the download link, choose the Open with ZIP Extractor option at the top of the page.
  • The folder will open in a new window. The files will download.
  • Once the files have downloaded, click Extract Now.
  • When the files have extracted and uploaded, click View Extracted Files.
  • Double click on the folder.
  • To download, select the files you want to download. Click the three horizontal dots More Actions button. Choose Download.
  • Follow the prompts on the download screen.
  • I strongly suggest moving your downloaded files out of your downloads folder and into your primary photos folder. It’s optimal to make a second copy on an external hard drive or cloud storage drive as well. Keep your downloads in a folder labeled “Vintage Latin Textbook Pages and Illustrations” or something similar, so you’ll have no problem finding them in the future.

Now you’re ready to turn your vintage Latin book pages and illustrations into classroom materials and wall decor or print them for DIY and craft projects!

Printed Vintage Dictionary Pages

Printing vintage Latin textbook pages and illustrations

When you use vintage book pages to create wall decor, I recommend using Finestra Art paper, which is what I used to print the vintage dictionary pages in the photo featured above. The acid-free, matte surface dries ink quickly, producing vivid, crisp images. Regular printer paper, presentation paper, and card stock do work. However, the results aren’t quite as nice. It’s worth spending a little more to create frame-worthy antique book page art.

For all other DIY and craft projects, I use white card stock. When you’re adding book pages and illustrations to scrapbook embellishments, greeting cards, and mixed media projects, it’s not important that the pages look quite so vibrant. For tile coasters, magnets, and pendant necklaces, you won’t be able to tell any difference under multiple coats of diamond glaze or Mod Podge.

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Free Printable Vintage Latin Textbook Book Pages and Illustrations

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