DIY Ceramic Jar Faux Floral Bouquets

DIY ceramic jar faux floral bouquets are an easy, fun, and inexpensive home decor idea for spring or summer!

DIY Ceramic Jar Faux Floral Bouquets

I’m not a gardener, but I love making faux floral bouquets to decorate my home for different seasons. I’ve shared upcycled Oui yogurt jar pastel vases (with faux cherry blossoms), upcycled Oui yogurt jar faux succulents, and DIY fall milk cap floral vases. A while back, I also made a DIY faux greenery wreath. I’ve been hanging onto the ceramic jars that I used for this tutorial for some time and knew that a few of them were destined for faux floral bouquets.

I use the term “tutorial” very loosely here, as this is simply a fun idea for faux florals in ceramic jars that requires very little instruction. Floral foam is an easy way to elevate fake flowers. You can customize this concept with any type of jar and flowers for different seasons and occasions.

Supplies for DIY Ceramic Jar Faux Floral Bouquets

Supplies for DIY ceramic jar faux floral bouquets

  • Large ceramic jars of your choosing. I share details below about the jars that I used as well as some other options. I used three of them for the tutorial.
  • Floral foam, one piece of foam for each ceramic jar. I used 3.2″ floral foam for 16 oz jars.
  • Faux florals, at least 3-4 pieces per ceramic jar. I’m linking the exact florals that I used. I love how they look with the ceramic jars. There are multiple color palettes available.
  • Scissors. You don’t need any sort of special scissors.
  • Wire cutters. I have jewelry wire cutters pictured because that’s what I keep in hand. Any wire cutters work well.
Nounos 16 oz Ceramic Jars

Ceramic jars

The ceramic jars that I’m using are the Nounos 16 oz premium terracotta containers. They are absolutely beautiful and so durable. I got them through Oberweis when they were carrying Nounos products. Consult the Nounos website for information about where to purchase their yogurt. You can also purchase the terracotta containers as a standalone product online. You may find Nounos terracotta containers on eBay as well.

I wanted to share details about the exact containers that I used. I’m linking a few more options below, too. Any ceramic jars work well for this tutorial. Glass jars are also a great choice. If you want to hide the floral foam in glass containers, paint them. I’ve used regular acrylic paint on glass without any issues.

Directions for DIY ceramic jar faux floral bouquets

Nounos 16 oz Ceramic Jars

Collect your ceramic jars. If you’re using glass jars, you’ll want to paint them fully before adding the florals.

Floral Foam

Grab one piece of floral foam for each ceramic jar.

Floral Foam

Depending on the size of your jars and foam, you may need to cut the foam down slightly to fit in the jars. I did need to cut my foam. The foam is very easy to cut with regular scissors. Work slowly and check the size periodically so that you don’t cut off more than is needed. I know that the foam looks a little funny once it’s cut, but no one will see it in the jars.

Ceramic Jars with Floral Foam

Fit the floral foam in the bottoms of the ceramic jars.

Faux Florals

Take your faux florals. Decide which three or four floral stems you’ll put in each of your vases. I like to vary the heights of the stems slightly to add visual interest to the bouquets. Use wire cutters to cut down some of the stems as needed.

Homemade Ceramic Jar Faux Floral Bouquets

Arrange them as you like in the foam floral. You don’t need to push very hard to get them situated in the foam.

Ceramic Jar Faux Floral Bouquets

Display your new faux floral bouquets in the location of your choosing. I display most of my faux florals on our dining room table. They would also look great in an entryway or on a mantel or kitchen island. I think that floral bouquets make whimsical displays on nightstands as well.

Overhead View of Faux Floral Bouquets in Ceramic Vases

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DIY Ceramic Jar Faux Floral Bouquets

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