Free Printable Animal Silhouettes Nursery Decor

Free Printable Animal Silhouettes Nursery Decor

Printable animal silhouettes nursery decor is the perfect finishing touch for your new baby boy’s or baby girl’s animal-themed bedroom.

I’ve created 12 animal silhouette nursery decor designs to complete your kid’s bedroom. The whimsical wall art pieces feature elephants, deer, giraffes, rhinoceroses, horses, bears, camels, wolves, lions, hippos, and foxes. Animal decor is simple and fun, making it an ideal gender-neutral nursery choice for a little girl or a little boy.

I’ve made a version of each animal silhouette nursery decor design on four different backgrounds, giving you nearly 50 wall art choices for your nursery. With each piece of art then available with or without a white border, you can further customize the finished wall decor in your child’s nursery.

Free printable animal silhouettes nursery decor makes it quick and affordable to finish out your baby’s nursery with ease. Nursery decor also makes a great shower gift for moms-to-be! Finish your new art with a picture frame for simple gift giving.

Four background choices

Each animal silhouette design is available on four backgrounds, which are as follows.

  • Forest. A lovely forest setting at golden hour in watercolors with soft warm tones.
  • Wood. A versatile neutral medium wood background.
  • Lumberjack plaid. A classic red and black lumberjack plaid print.
  • Dictionary page. A whimsical vintage dictionary page. Each design has a different letter of the alphabet.
Animal Silhouettes Decor in Kid's Bedroom

About the free printable animal silhouettes nursery decor

The printable animal silhouettes nursery wall art is for personal use only. You’re welcome to make as many prints as you like for yourself or to give as gifts. You are not authorized to sell the prints. You’re also not authorized to distribute the download files. If friends or family are interested in their own elephant nursery decor, please send them to this post, so they can download their own files. Thank you!

I’ve created two versions of each animal design: one with no border and one with a white border. Depending on the frame you select and the look you want to achieve with your wall decor, you may prefer one version over the other.

Please note: I’m sharing ONE preview for each animal featured in this set of home decor. Each animal is available with all four backgrounds with both no border and a white border. The previews are low-resolution and not properly sized for 8×10 printing. Use the download links to get the high-resolution, 8×10 format images.

Free Printable Animal Silhouettes Nursery Decor Mock Up

Printing the free animal silhouettes nursery decor

You can print your own animal silhouettes decor or send it to a printer. For personal printing, my recommendation is Finestra Art Paper for a crisp, vibrant aesthetic. It’s worth spending a little more on quality paper to get a professional finish for your wall decor.

You can also send your new animal nursery decor to a printer. I use SmugMug for nearly all of my photos and wall art. I love SmugMug, but you shouldn’t feel limited to this option. There are numerous reputable print services offering high-quality affordable prints, including but not limited to, Shutterfly, Mpix, Costco, FedEx, and Artifact Uprising.

Grab a frame or set of frames for your new decor! My personal pick for frames is the Belmont Frames line from Michaels. I talk about these frames all the time because they are the best. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better quality frames with such nice colors and finishes at this price point. Michaels offers great sales on these frames all the time. I’m also linking a few of my top frame picks from Amazon.

I will be creating more free printable nursery wall decor in the coming months. If there’s anything you’d like to see here, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Are you using one or more of the free printable animal silhouettes nursery decor designs?

I want to see your wall art! Tag your images #RoseClearfield on Instagram or Twitter or post a photo to my Facebook page.

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Free Printable Animal Silhouettes Nursery Decor

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    You are so talented and I can’t wait to print some of the Christmas Music papers. I do cards for Christmas, and play in 3 Community Bands and I am sure they will love the cards. I will put some pictures of a couple so you can see the finished card, if they turn out. Thanks so much for offering them to people like me. 72 years young but still love to scrapbook and make cards. Thanks again. Kendra Wigfield. This was meant to be I live in Clearfield, PA and your last name is the same. Meant to be.

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