Free Printable Vintage Hymns for Baptism

The American Hymnal Leaving All I Follow to Jesus

Printables hymns for baptism are perfect for masses and church services with baptisms as well as custom personalized baptism wall art.

You already know that I’m a little obsessed with all things sheet music and that I love the aesthetic of vintage sheet music. On occasion, I’ve created my own vintage sheet music for various DIY projects. But there’s nothing quite like using genuine sheet music.

The first vintage hymns sheet music printables I created have been far more successful than I ever imagined. So I’m slowly creating additional sets of vintage hymns for specific occasions. Last month I released Christmas hymns. Now I’m releasing printable hymns for baptism. This collection includes 18 hymns from three different hymn books, ideal for masses and church services as well as custom wall art.

Since originally publishing this post, I’ve added vintage hymn collections for Lent and Easter, Mother’s Day, and the 4th of July. If there’s anything you’d like to see here, please let me know.

Vintage Hymns for Baptism Collage

How to use free printable vintage hymns for baptism

  • Masses and church services with baptisms. It’s fitting to have one or two hymns pertaining to baptism in a service or mass that includes a baptism. You may simply be looking for one of these hymn titles or the vintage aesthetic may appeal to you. Printable vintage hymns work well for both the general congregation as well as the choir.
  • Special baptism services. Many families opt to have a special service or ceremony for a child’s baptism outside of a regularly scheduled mass or service. Printable hymns are perfect for this type of service as well. I love the idea of creating a special book for the service that includes the music.
  • Custom wall art. There are numerous ways you can use printable hymns for baptism to create one-of-a-kind wall art. You may want to design an art piece for your own child’s baptism, or you may be creating a gift as a godparent or close family member or friend. The hymns make beautiful wall art on all their own. Simply print and frame them for easy gift giving. You can also add your own wording and images to them, including Bible verses and quotes. I share just a few examples below for custom wall art baptism pieces.

About the free printable vintage hymns for baptism

I’ve created JPG and PDF versions of all of the free printable hymns for baptism. I know that many people have arrived at this post in search of printable sheet music in PDF form. I know that many people have also arrived here in search of sheet music for craft projects and most likely prefer JPG format.

The vintage hymns for baptism are for personal use only. You may print the sheet music as many times as you like, including for church choir, community choir, Sunday school, and classroom use. Please don’t send the download files directly. If friends or family are interested in their own sheet music, please give them a link to this post. Thanks!

The free printable vintage hymns for baptism music collection includes hymns from three books. The St. Gregory Hymnal is from 1920. The American Hymnal is from 1926. Favorite Hymns: An All-Purpose Songbook is from 1933.

St. Gregory Baptism Collage

The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book

  • Loving Sheperd of Thy Sheep – Pg. 1 (JPG | PDF)
  • Loving Sheperd of Thy Sheep – Pg. 2 (JPG | PDF)
  • My God Accept My Heart This Day (JPG | PDF)
The American Hymnal Baptism Collage

The American Hymnal

  • Christ Arose (JPG | PDF)
  • Follow On (JPG | PDF)
  • I Love Thy Kingdom Lord (JPG | PDF)
  • I’ll Live for Him (JPG | PDF)
  • In All My Lord’s Appointed Ways (JPG | PDF)
  • I’ve Found a Friend (JPG | PDF)
  • Leaving All I Follow to Jesus (JPG | PDF)
  • My Desire (JPG | PDF)
  • My Faith Looks Up to Thee (JPG | PDF)
  • O Happy Day (JPG | PDF)
  • Take My Life and Let It Be (JPG | PDF)
  • Where He Leads Me (JPG | PDF)
Favorite Hymns Baptism Collage

Favorite Hymns

  • Blessed Are They (JPG | PDF)
  • Buried With Christ (JPG | PDF)
  • ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus (JPG | PDF)
  • Willing Am I (JPG | PDF)

Download all of the baptism hymns at once!

>> [Baptism Hymns Full Set – JPG Versions] <<

>> [Baptism Hymns Full Set – PDF Versions] <<

18 vintage hymns for baptism in one convenient download.

I explain how to extract and download the full set of JPG files after all of the vintage hymns collections. The PDF files are much smaller and don’t require extraction.

Vintage Hymns About Baptism 8x10 Collage

Baptism hymns 8×10 format

I created 8×10 versions of four of the vintage hymns about baptism available in this post: ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, Willing Am I, Leaving All I Follow to Jesus, and My Desire.

I know that many people are looking for hymns to print as-is for gifts and hymns to download and then customize for gifts. Having sheet music already in 8×10 format makes this process quick and easy. If you’d like a hymn not available in 8×10 format and you don’t know how to format it yourself, please let me know. I’m happy to create additional 8×10 formats.

I’ve created 8×10 versions with and without white borders. Depending on the type of frame you choose and the specific project you have in mind, you may prefer one format over the other.

>> [Baptism Hymns 8×10 Versions – No Borders] <<

>> [Baptism Hymns 8×10 Versions – With White Borders] <<

Keep reading to learn how to extract and download your new sheet music!

Extracting and downloading the ZIP folders

Please note that extracting and downloading the full JPG sets of vintage hymns will take some time.

  • When you click on the complete collection link, choose the Open with ZIP Extractor option at the top of the page.
  • The folder will open in a new window. The files will download.
  • When the files have downloaded, click Extract Now.
  • Once the files are extracted and uploaded, click View Extracted Files.
  • Double click on the folder.
  • To download, select the files you’d like to download. Click the three horizontal dots More Actions button. Choose Download.
  • Follow the prompts on the download screen.
  • I highly recommend moving your downloaded files out of your downloads folder and into your main photos folder. Make sure to keep them in a folder labeled “Vintage Hymns About Baptism” or something similar, so you can find them easily.

Custom baptism wall art examples

Baptism wall art is very popular. You’ll have no problem finding numerous examples on Etsy to provide inspiration for your own wall art. I’ve created a few examples of my own to get you started.

Baptism Custom Name Sheet Music Wall Art
Rose Gold Name Baptism Wall Art

One reason people order personalized baptism wall art is to have a piece that includes a child’s name and baptism date. I’ve created a very simple version with a name, birth date, and baptism date and a more detailed version with a floral image, name, baptism date, and the text “you are a child of God.”

So In Christ Jesus Galatians Baptism Wall Art

There is a wealth of beautiful Bible verses pertaining to baptism that work well for baptism wall art. One of my favorite verses is the one I’ve featured above from Galatians 3:26-27: “So in Christ Jesus, you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourself with Christ.”

Law of Obedience Robert D. Hales Baptism Wall Art
Law of Obedience Robert D. Hales Baptism Wall Art

There are also a number of nice quotes about baptism that are great for custom baptism wall art. One of my favorite baptism quotes is the quote featured above from Robert D. Hales: “When we were baptized, we took it upon us not only the name of Christ, but also the law of obedience.”

Baptism Bible verses and baptism quotes

To further help you design personalized baptism wall art, I’ve also put together resources with baptism Bible verses and baptism quotes.

>> [Baptism Bible Verses] <<

>> [Baptism Quotes] <<

Printed Vintage Dictionary Pages

Tips for printing vintage hymns for baptism

When you use printable hymns for baptism to create custom wall art, I highly recommend printing your pieces on Finestra Art paper, which is what I used to print the above vintage dictionary pages. The acid-free, matte surface dries ink immediately, creating vibrant, crisp images. Regular printer paper, card stock, and presentation paper do work, but they don’t produce results that look as good. It’s worth spending a little more to create wall art with a professional finish, especially when you’re making a gift for a loved one

To create custom wall art, if you don’t use my 8×10 versions, you’ll have to format or crop the sheet music to fit the frame of your choice. Once you’ve formatted or cropped the music to your desired size, make sure to select the corresponding paper size both on the printer itself when you load the paper and on the printer menu when you print your new art. Otherwise, your music may not print correctly.

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Are you using the printable hymns for baptism?

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Free Printable Vintage Hymns for Baptism

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