Free Vintage Patriotic Songs and Airs of Different Nations

This collection of free vintage patriotic songs and airs of different nations is a fantastic set of sheet music with selections from more than two dozen different countries.

Patriotic Songs and Airs Preview

The vintage collection of sheet music in this post comes from a book called The World’s Collection of Patriotic Songs and Airs of Different Nations, copyright 1893. There are 10 American songs, including timeless classics such as The Star-Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle, and My Country, ‘Tis of Thee, as well as lesser-known tunes, such as E Pluribus Unum and Columbia, Gem of the Ocean. Then there are national songs and airs from 29 additional countries from England to Japan to Russia, with one to three songs for each country.

The sheet music is ideal for printing and playing on the piano, creating song books, displaying as well art and other home decor, and numerous DIY projects. You can use the antique sheet music for art/junk journals, greeting cards, decoupage, Christmas ornaments, and much more. The sheet music is also perfect for Masses and church services, funerals, social gatherings, and any other occasion for singing patriotic songs.

The vintage patriotic songs and airs of different nations collection includes 48 songs, all of which I’m making available in this post, completely free. Enjoy!

Are you looking for even more antique patriotic sheet music titles? I also have a collection of patriotic hymns and a collection of royalty-free patriotic sheet music covers and songs!

About the free vintage patriotic songs and airs of different nations

The World’s Collection of Patriotic Songs and Airs of Different Nations is in the public domain. Either there was no known copyright or the copyright has expired and the content has moved into the public domain for all of these sheet music titles. As such, you’re welcome to use them for both personal and commercial use without providing any attribution.

Please don’t distribute the download files directly. If friends, family, or co-workers would like their own sheet music, please provide them with a link to this post where they can download the files for themselves. Your support allows me to continue to offer free printables. Thank you!

Patriotic Songs and Airs Preview

Vintage patriotic songs and airs of different nations collection

With a few exceptions for slightly shorter or longer pieces of music, each patriotic songs and airs page is sized to 3900 x 6000 pixels. An individual sheet music title may be one, two, three, or four pages long. The sheet music is 300 dpi resolution to ensure the best print quality possible. I’m offering all of the sheet music selections in both JPG and PDF formats.

I’ve listed all of the countries alphabetically and then all of the songs for each country alphabetically.


  • America / My Country ‘Tis of Thee (JPG | PDF)
  • American Hymn, The / Angel of Peace (JPG | PDF)
  • Columbia, Gem of the Ocean / Red, White, and Blue (JPG | PDF)
  • E Pluribus Unum (JPG | PDF)
  • Hail, Columbia (JPG | PDF)
  • National Praise (JPG | PDF)
  • Our Flag is There (JPG | PDF)
  • Star-Spangled Banner, The (JPG | PDF)
  • Yankee Doodle (JPG | PDF)

Argentine Republic

  • Argentine Republic National Hymn (JPG | PDF)


  • Austrian National Song (JPG | PDF)


  • National Air of Belgium (JPG | PDF)


  • National Air of Bolivia (JPG | PDF)


  • Brazilian National Air (JPG | PDF)
  • National Air of the United States of Brazil (JPG | PDF)


  • National Anthem of Chili (JPG | PDF)


  • National Air of China (JPG | PDF)


  • Danish National Hymn (JPG | PDF)


  • English National Song / God Save the Queen (JPG | PDF)
  • Roast Beef of Old England, The (JPG | PDF)
  • Rule, Brittania (JPG | PDF)


  • Finnish National Air (JPG | PDF)


  • Chant of the Girondins, The (JPG | PDF)
  • National Hymn of France / Marseilles Hymn (JPG | PDF)


  • National Song of Germany / Where is the German Fatherland? (JPG | PDF)
  • Watch on the Rhine, The (JPG | PDF)


  • Greek National Song / Sons of Greece, Come, Arise! (JPG | PDF)


  • National Song of Holland (JPG | PDF)


  • Harp That Once Thro’ Tara’s Halls, The (JPG | PDF)
  • Minstrel Boy, The (JPG | PDF)
  • Patriotic Song of Ireland / Saint Patrick’s Day (JPG | PDF)


  • Italian National Hymn (JPG | PDF)


  • National Air of Japan (JPG | PDF)


  • Mexican National Hymn (JPG | PDF)


  • National Hymn of Norway / Yes, We Love This Land (JPG | PDF)
  • Patriotic Song of Norway / Sons of Norway (JPG | PDF)


  • National March of Peru (JPG | PDF)


  • Polish National Song (JPG | PDF)


  • National Air of Portugal (JPG | PDF)


  • Russian National Hymn (JPG | PDF)


  • National Air of Scotland / Campbells are Comin’ (JPG | PDF)
  • Patriotic Song of Scotland / Bruce’s Address (JPG | PDF)


  • Spanish National Anthem (JPG | PDF)


  • Swedish National Air (JPG | PDF)
  • Swedish National Hymn (JPG | PDF)


  • National Song of Switzerland / Herdsman’s Song (JPG | PDF)


  • Turkish Patriotic Song (JPG | PDF)


  • Patriotic Song of Wales / March of the Men of Harlech (JPG | PDF)

Download the complete set of vintage patriotic songs and airs in JPG or PDF form!

I’ve broken the full sets into multiple folders for easier downloading.


[#1 – Patriotic Songs and Airs – JPG Versions]

[#2 – Patriotic Songs and Airs – JPG Versions]

[#3 – Patriotic Songs and Airs – JPG Versions]

[#4 – Patriotic Songs and Airs – JPG Versions]

[#5 – Patriotic Songs and Airs – JPG Versions]


[#1 – Patriotic Songs and Airs – PDF Versions]

[#2 – Patriotic Songs and Airs – PDF Versions]

[#3 – Patriotic Songs and Airs – PDF Versions]

[#4 – Patriotic Songs and Airs – PDF Versions]

[#5 – Patriotic Songs and Airs – PDF Versions]

I explain how to extract and download the ZIP folders in Google Drive in my vintage dictionary pages post. The link takes you to the exact directions that you need.

Framed Patriotic Wall Art
The above image includes the vintage sheet music for The Star-Spangled Banner, which is available in this blog post, as well as a royalty-free patriotic sheet music cover and the hymn version of My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.

Printing antique sheet music for decor and DIY projects

For wall art and home decor, my personal recommendation for at-home printing is Finestra Art Paper. I discovered Finestra products through my own research and don’t receive any compensation for recommending them beyond basic affiliate commissions. Finestra is the paper that I use for blog projects and my own home decor because I love the acid-free, matte surface. It dries ink quickly, producing clear, vivid images. I think that Finestra is worth the extra money for the results that it produces over regular printer paper, card stock, and presentation paper.

For craft projects, I recommend white card stock. When you’re creating antique music components for greeting cards, mixed media art, and scrapbook embellishments, it’s not as important that the images are so vibrant. When you’re making DIY projects with multiple diamond glaze or Mod Podge coats, such as pendant necklaces, tile coasters, and magnets, you won’t be able to tell any difference in the finish of the paper. As such, card stock is a great choice because it’s less expensive than art paper and still very durable and high quality.

What to make with free printable vintage patriotic sheet music:

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